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HaKeeRah – Global Initiative on the Environment, Humanity’s Future through Education on Personal Healing

HaKeeRah has been designed and created to be your “go-to” place for answers on how to engage spiritual energy healing to better yourself thus healing our world.

From the free library with guidance on your personal energy healing to the easy listening, guided meditations, and teachings, our hearts and Souls are harmonizing and focusing on making this world a better place with you.

It is the goal of HaKeeRah to ensure that everything that is placed on this website is a valuable tool for you whether as a resource, service, or healing gem! This website will give you the necessary tools, time-honored meditations, information, love, and support you need to find your own way into your own heart center and up into your Higher Self Realizations.

Amazing Chakra and Energy Healing Course!

Patricia Dennis, Course Teacher, shares with you the details here!


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