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Hakeerah has been designed and created to be your “go-to” place for answers on how to engage spiritual energy healing to better yourself thus healing our world.

Thank you for supporting Hakeerah! It is our hope that the Library grows exponentially and that more and more people can gain access to the free energy healing, meditations and insights that they seek in order to become more holistically balanced in their physical bodies, in their homes, community and their own Soul Mandate out into the world.
The entire focus of Hakeerah is to ensure that no one is feeling helpless and alone but instead can contact us to ask for help and we can do all that we can do provide that help. We take special requests so that we can provide the tools necessary to help those in need.

We thank you for your contributions…In Light and in Peace, Kathy Roseborough, Co-creator and Facilitator of Hakeerah.

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Take the time to listen to the guided meditations, the healing sounds and try the healing exercises provided throughout the website. You heal; the world heals!

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