Addictions – Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling

Energy Centre Focus :  From the tailbone Centre to the Inner Brain at the Pineal and everything in between.  The whole system needs to be looked at for the healing. Primarily:  BRAIN centre associated with feelings of pleasure and endorphin release.

Endocrine Glands affected:  all of them. Organs affected: Heart and Liver

The reason all are being mentioned here is because the addictions are so unhealthy; so damaging to your existence that they effect injury upon the total state of your Being and existence.  Time to choose a healthy lifestyle and find your spiritual/holistic balance to be happy.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: 

You are going to have to start with a most important Principle in Creation:  LOVE

For a particular reason, you are struggling with love in your life and this love is of vital importance to you because it is SELF LOVE that we are talking about together this day.  Self love is something in your vocabulary that you are challenged to embrace and this inability to embrace with seen in symptoms of addiction.  It takes a lot of courage at times, to speak to the fears of being unloved and the addictive substances “seem” to give you courage to get up each day and go about your life.  This false courage is not real though as it only masks the pain and you will need to get to the storehouse of the pain and release it. That pain in your body and emotional self will be very, very happy to be released too as it has likely been imprisoned in you a long time.  Won’t it feel good to give yourself liberation from this pain !

Addictions to substances that give you temporary relief from your world of pain and fear; where love is seemingly absent in your life…are just that; temporary.  The truth still remains that you need to get in touch with the underlying cause and fix it permanently.  While you are exploring, releasing and treating your emotional pain you can be incorporating a physical detox and diet that helps you to wean off of addictive substances and strengthen the health of the body with proper nourishment and higher vibratory supplements. Engage a mentor or professional support to help you get started…someone who will “walk beside you”.

Destructive energies in addictions may start out quite harmless as an investigation and experimentation with some activity that seems to be crowd pleasing in society.  However, this pleasure soon gives way to pain and triggers the wheel of emotion around you and within you making it more difficult to keep on a happy front or presentation among your peers, family and friends.

We have a pleasure centre in our brain that registers the first response and it is this response that we feel we deserve to have; happiness.  We enjoy the first responses of happiness because often there is so little happiness that you trick yourself into believing that this is finally going to give you some form of happiness that you deserve.  However, the key right here is that you are “tricked’ into believing this.  The happiness is absolutely well deserved; but not from these addictions and experiences.  Happiness, love and joy should be experiences that you register in your life because you are doing some very natural activities and surrounding yourself with situations where happiness can come from some very simple practices in life rather than from the addictive substance and behaviour.

It can be very difficult for you to recognize that you have an addiction because it seems that the temporary joy is quite exhilarating to you and you would not wish to give that up.  You can then convince yourself when you are in pain after that you’ll be okay as long as you can go back to the addictive behaviour to bring back that happiness feeling again…and so the cycle goes.

Choosing another activity to replace this will be best but even more important is to reach into yourself and identify WHY you are not happy and WHAT is the originating reason.  Where do you deny yourself a natural ebb and flow of joy?  Are you giving away too much of yourself to others and not getting the same in return?  Do you find yourself deeply critical of self instead of appreciating yourself and loving just who you are?  There can be many reasons for the underlying cause to be so eruptive in your life and it is a very wise decision to go exploring the reason for your unhappiness and for your denial of SELF LOVE.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: 

It is most often best in addictive situations to go and seek help from another; a profession who has the skills in advising you PLUS they should have experience in what you are going through.  If they do not have that experience as you do, then it is less likely they can help you.

Start with the Self Love meditation available on this site below and write down or journal your feelings often.  Be HONEST with yourself.  Why are you upset?  Why are you so hard on yourself?  Why do you deny yourself LOVE?  If you think you are unworthy or undeserving then you need to explore that further.  Who told you that?  What experience told you that?  Be very clear where you are getting your beliefs from for these are what we call “false beliefs” and need to be cleared up.  The experience you had is telling you these things are true but in fact they cannot be true for you are a Divine expression of Love & Light, and have within you inherent qualities of Divinity.  You have been born for a purpose and a PLAN has been laid out for you.  You are just unaware perhaps of what that plan is and do not have the support to find out and walk the plan!

It is TIME to seek out guidance from a Spiritual or Intuitive counsellor, take up meditation for healing and RECEIVE healing from an energy worker to lift the load of old emotions and false beliefs up and out of your life so that the destructive behaviour can turn to POSITIVE living! Learning to receive can be tedious and embarrassing at first.  You may be feeling too proud to receive this type of help.  Then you can start on your own with affirmations and healing meditations for receiving.  Once you feel comfortable receiving you can start to network out further.

Recognize that the shadow side of this world’s commercial marketplace, have designed the products and entertainment industry services to lure you in when you are feeling weak and unprotected, so that they can take your hard earned money for themselves as you buy their products, consume their products and spend your money on their games and “smoke and mirrors”.  They trick you into believing you are important and well loved as long as you are spending your money in their gambling establishments, drinking their alcohol or smoking their cigarettes.  This love however is not REAL love; it is a manipulative hook at best.  The bars will continue to pour you liquor if you are paying, the cigarette companies will continue to sicken your  body with addictive substances for their own financial gain and the beer and liquor manufacturers will pump out vast amounts of money in advertising to suggest you will have more friends, fancy cars, sports engagements and beautiful people around you if you drink their products.  These products will damage your liver, your brain, your self esteem and self worth.

Spiritual energy on the other hand and holistic practices will make you “addicted” too!  This is said in good humour.  The meaning of this being that you will enjoy your good health and well being so much that you will be ensuring it is a part of your life each and every day!

Guided Meditation – Heart Washing Healing:


Healing Stone: Rose quarts, clear quarts and Amethyst