Energy Centre Focus: Tailbone Centre – Heart Centre

Endocrine Glands affected:
Adrenals, heart (organ) and thymus

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: We need to examine your whole life and determine just how you have felt since a child growing up, right on through to your current age. Usually it is found that feelings of inferiority, low self worth and a defeated feeling took a foothold early in spite of your good efforts. You have found that before your peers, colleagues and parents that you never seem to be “good enough”. These false beliefs can root deeply and yet when triggered come flying forth with intensity and sweeping overwhelm.

You are found to be quite intelligent and strong willed yet the underlying emotional uncertainty can take over with out any seemingly logical trigger.

Anxiety can become powerful if left to itself, so it is important that you begin to objectively assess the roots of it.

When one looks at the underlying emotion there is often seen a lack of emotional support in the developing stages of life and a “sinking” feeling in your stomach when you were let down; disappointed by others lack of attention and interest in you. This emotional repetitive condition in the developing years leaves you feeling empty in the solar nerve plexus and very sensitive. Challenges then arise when you are called upon to step up to present oneself for discussion, active involvement, speaking “one on one” or just having to speak in front of others.

The goal? Transform the old emotional lesions and embrace a fresh realization of your Self worth!

Counsel and Steps to Healing: First of all it is important to engage the purposeful and conscious act of breathing properly. This gives you the power to govern and reassure yourself if the need arise when anxiety and fear comes up. The breath is so very powerful that you can use it in cooperation with your MIND to overcome just about anything.

Meditation and deep breathing are then a very good place to start. Next you are going to re-evaluate your level of goodness in a honest and self loving way. You need to remind yourself that you are a “child of Creation” and that you are here on this earth for a definitive purpose and reason. Each person on this earth is here for a reason so it would be less than fruitful to consider yourself unworthy to task!

Find what you enjoy doing in life and give it your best. Try not to compare yourself to others because each of us have our own special Soul mandate and it would be most undesirable to be living in someone else’s shoes. Focus on your own personal expression and honour that.

Look back at the triggers of when you feel anxious and you will find that any present day anxiety has a trigger in you relating to the past. Ask yourself…”What situation in the past would cause this type of reaction in you?” Family? School? Friends? Parents? You will then need to examine their own level of conscious awareness, their lack of understanding and their insensitive nature often likely not known to them. If you can understand just where the other person was coming from, it is much easier to understand their ways, their words or actions towards you. Love, forgiveness and healing comes through understanding.

Embrace who you are now! Engage in your gifts and skills with enthusiasm and enjoy your own offering to life and the development for the greater good of all involved. You will gain greater confidence and realization that there is nothing to be afraid of anymore. You are a beautiful human being and Soul that must trust now in the Greater Plan of life!

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stone: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Pearls, Citrine, Onyx, Amethyst, Aquamarine