Auto-Immune Disease
Energy Centre:  Physical Body –  Tailbone Centre, Heart Centre

Endocrine Glands affected: Adrenals, Thymus as well as Spleen/Lymphatic system

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: The emotions run intense as they get triggered around the false belief “separation” at the heart chakra creating a perception of distance from Love. In addition to this, a miasm with the consciousness of resentment is found buried deeply that has produced an attitude of bitterness towards the body, and many branches of emotions that are self destructive. The Beautiful Divine Principle and emotion though that shines like a gem amongst all these other illusive, darker stones can ALSO be found if sought…and that is LOVE! You can begin to clear away the old paradigm of grief and pain in the body, emotions and mind… and move swiftly forward to embrace the Light of the Sun; Light of the Soul with a some support and guidance.

When the body’s defense mechanism, as white blood cells, turn confused and fall into the program of fighting with the healthy cells, they no longer have a “Commander” or “Master” at the head of the troops. Enter YOU. You are the Master and Commander that will now take over the programming to direct cells and Intelligence of the cells as per their original ORDERS from Creation. These are Universal Laws.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: First thing you need to understand is that YOU are the Master of the body and that you have the skills inherent in you to direct the cellular make up accordingly in cooperation with the original CODE of Life. The program of balance and protection of the physical body was disrupted in your Soul (and family) lineage and must now begin to be shifted back to a normalized state. Understand that your MIND is incredibly powerful and that energy is now going to follow your well focused thoughts. This new superior directive of healing from the Soul within you works very well and is your first step!

Your own new voice of command which governs and directs through love, is the focused power of your Mind, Heart and Soul that the body will look forward to co-operating with. Turn to the Source; the Divine and open your heart to receive. Speak within and surrender to the Code of Divine Life and Love. Start to pick up on the Colours and vibrations, healing and guidance that the Soul wishes to convey to you so that you may turn this condition around. Love and forgive yourself and embrace a new beginning where you direct the cells to seek out only that which truly is a pathogen and disturbance in the body and to love and embrace…. that which is not. The pathogens can be “transformed” into pure ENERGY again by the incredible Divine Intelligence found within you. Try this healing now on audio below and start to organize your “army of Light” with power and love!

Guided Meditation: Harmonizing for Proper Health – Immune System

Healing Stone: Pink Quartz, Ruby, Garnet, Pure Quartz crystal and lumurian seed crystals.

Creating a Healthy Immune System