Energy Centre Focus:   2nd Centre – Sacral and 1st Centre – Tailbone

Endocrine Gland effected: 
  Adrenals and reproductive glands as well.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:  What you are experiencing is an inability for your powerful life force (kundalini) to rise up properly through your chakras from its station in the root to sacral energy path.  This is caused by energy blockages in the sacral chakra at the back lumbar/sacrum and the front just below your navel.

The most predominant cause is emotional with its roots in false beliefs.  The false beliefs are often about being connected to your own feelings and expressing them.   How relaxed are you in expressing yourself about issues that are sensitive? Do you feel you are being listened to?  Often times you are harbouring hurt from relationships with family, friends and intimate partners.  The lumbar region should be strong and supportive and for this reason, underlying issues of fear of loss, imbalance must be transformed.

Key word for you to reflect on and assess in your life:  SUPPORT.  Identify those areas where support is lacking.

Another concern you may be challenged by is your own identification with your sexual needs in relationship.  Often old shame issues, misuse of energy, inability to openly express yourself sexually, disgrace with your own body, and suppression of feelings are commonly at the root of the emotional energy blocks in the sacral chakra.

Disc issues in Vertebrae:

When left unchecked, the vertebrae in the spine at the lower back become prone to sciatica, sudden falls, inflammation issues and disc slippage.  This is all due to the emotional build up in the weakened lower back from poor energy circulation impairing movement up and down the spine.

With the sacral chakra centre blocked at the back due to unexpressed emotions, the energy of the kundalini when rising  during meditation and natural impulses, has no where to go but right back down causing pain in the back.  This makes many simple acts of living quite difficult.

If the unexpressed emotions and sexual energy is continued to be suppressed, often times you will find yourself gaining extra weight (fat layers) over the belly, lower abdomen and on top of the bladder region.  This can cause further illness and problems for you and should be carefully watched with effort placed on transforming it.

* Note:  Kundalini is a subtle energy of power that each human being has inherent in them.  It usually lays dormant with minimal vibration or movement to it, until called upon.  There is a small amount of kundalini awakened and moved up through the spine during adrenaline rushes (fight or flight) – root chakra, sexual release through orgasm – sacral chakra, deep thinking (solar plexus) and meditation – most or all chakras.  Controlled meditations will masterfully raise the kundalini with proper breath work taking your conscious awareness to higher levels of spiritual realization expressing through the chakras.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  You have to first do a few reflections.  Ask yourself the important questions as to whether or not you are in a relationship/home or work environment where you can freely express yourself.  Are you feeling supported?  Check in on your own feelings and beliefs around your sexuality and the expression of it.  You may need to start looking for the roots of this condition with a Energy Healer or Intuitive Counsellor.

You can run a chakra meditation with emphasis on the Orange and Pink Ray being drawn into the 2nd Chakra but not exclusively.  You will want to make sure you do all the chakras.  When working on your 2nd chakra to root path, you are visualizing such higher subtle thoughts as self love, compassion for self and others, honouring your own needs, choosing a partner and friends that are good listeners as well as receivers, understanding that you may wish to share your old hurts with someone you trust to release the pain that you are holding.  Breathing practices that can be performed while stretching your lower back with proper exercises or yoga practices.

Be very clear that you are choosing now to live a more flexible life of expression that has transparency between you and your partner, family and friends.  That you can stand up for what you believe in your heart are your own skills and gifts and that you are choosing to create a life that embraces them.


Guided Meditation – 2nd Chakra:


Healing Stone: Smokey Quartz, Peridot,

Physical Considerations:

This information is not a substitute for medical advice. It is best to consult with a health care provider before initiating any new form of treatment. Those taking medications should be especially prudent, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding must always discuss new treatments with their health care provider to ensure their safety.

Lower back pain is a common symptom that can arise from a variety of underlying issues. The characteristics of pain (sharp, radiating, dull, diffuse, localized, etc.) help to decipher whether the pain is coming from a muscle, nerve, joint, fascia, organ, or some combination of the above. Identifying the source of the pain helps determine which therapies are most beneficial.

Some of the causative factors that contribute to the development of back pain include: 

Dehydration – Never underestimate the importance of water. Proper hydration is a key component of musculoskeletal health. When the body is dehydrated the ability to clear lactic acid, and other forms of waste is compromised. So is the capacity to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the joints, muscles, and other tissues. Fascia (the connective tissue that encases our muscles and organs) is particularly sensitive to dehydration.  Dehydrated fascia is more prone to developing adhesions which decrease a person’s range of motion and can become a source of chronic pain. The volume of vertebral discs also shrinks when a person is dehydrated, which in turn compromises the joint space and places further strain on muscles and tendons. Drinking roughly 8-10 glasses of water a day (depending on size and activity level) is important, but if you have been under hydrated for a long period of time, the electrolytes that help your body absorb water are likely out of balance. Coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes and therefore a potent rehydrator. Potassium and magnesium are two minerals that typically must be replenished for optimal hydration to be achieved. 

Mineral Deficiency – Like dehydration, mineral deficiencies prevent the delivery of nutrients and the clearance of waste to and from the tissues. It also contributes problems with the intervertebral discs, increasing the likelihood of herniation or rupture. While it is imperative that you replenish all minerals, magnesium plays an especially important role helping relieve chronic tightness and muscle spasms. It comes in many forms, but magnesium glycinate is best for treating musculoskeletal concerns. Epsom salt baths are incredibly restorative for sore, stiff muscles largely due to the magnesium they contain. Alkaline baths are another option which assists in remineralization and muscle recovery by facilitating the breakdown of lactic acid and removal of other toxins via the skin. 

Poor Posture – When the skeletal system is out of alignment due to improper positioning of our body, it creates a strain on our muscles, tendons, and ligaments, as well as promotes the development of fascial adhesions. When the body is in an unnatural position for a prolonged period, some muscles are forced to stretch beyond a comfortable limit and consequently weaken. Other muscles respond to this by tightening up in an attempt to compensate and stabilize the joints. Sitting for long periods at a desk or in a car, sleeping in certain positions and wearing high heels are all poor posture habits that can lead to lower back pain.  Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists specialize in identifying and treating fascial adhesions and imbalances in muscle tone that lead to lower back pain. 

Supplements that act as natural anti-inflammatories and help to restore joint health include Boswellia, curcumin, fish oil, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) and glucosamine. Tissue salts that help correct underlying causes of lower back pain include Ferr Phos which is good in the early stages of inflammation and pain; Calc Fluor following a strain (can be alternated with Ferr Phos); Calc Phos – for rheumatic pain or when the pain presents on bending, and there is difficulty straightening.  Calc Phos also works well for those who find their symptoms worsen with exposure to cold and changes in weather. 

Topical application of essential oils can be hugely useful in providing pain relief. Some of the oils most indicated include peppermint, wintergreen/birch, marjoram, basil, black pepper, nutmeg, lemongrass (especially good for ligaments and tendons), cypress, lavender, and rosemary*.  Oils can be mixed together or layered one by one over affected area. Essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil to avoid irritation of the skin. Arnica oil is an ideal carrier oil for musculoskeletal pain as the arnica plant has numerous healing properties, especially in the case of bruising or strains. In addition to applying essential oils to the lower back directly, you can also massage the oils over various acupuncture points that are indicated for back pain, such as UB 63 or KD 3.  

*rosemary should be avoided by individuals with high blood pressure. See Essential Oil page for more advice on safe use.