Energy Centre Focus: All Centres are involved with emphasis on the energy centre associated with the physical area of the body that is involved with the cellular imbalance. Eg. Brain cancer – Centre at Pineal Gland and Pituitary, Breast Cancer – 4th & 5th Centre in upper chest and throat.
All Cancers should be healed with an Emotional body energy release with special focus on the heart chakra.

Endocrine Glands affected: Entire endocrine system

Organs: Depending upon primary lesion location (chakra closest to the organ)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: When the health of your physical body is challenged by the presence of cancer cells in a proliferated state creating tumours, you are prompted into quick response of defense, worry and fear thus stressing and compromising your immune system. Naturally you move to these reactions and it is quite normal that you seek immediate answers and help. While your conventional therapies and natural holistic therapies will be started through your medical team, you would also wish to immediately participate in exploring the root cause.

Emotional blockages and false beliefs are at the origin of all illness and disease in the body and cancer is no exception. Something is blocking the ebb and flow of love and a healthy rhythm in the body and subtle energy bodies…and you are going to be both active and reflective in your search for Truth. Actively you can study and research this condition exploring the history of your lineage and examination of your life to-date. Within a reflective state you can begin to ask within the areas of your life that have been blocking the receipt of love and the goodness in Life that aligns with Universal Laws such as: Magnetic Resonance, Attraction/Repulsion, Light and Truth, Love and Manifestation. Where is your physical body, emotional state, mental state and belief system out of ORDER? This is the question you take to the Inner Temple of reflection.

Depending upon the primary location of the body’s cancer, you will find the lesion manifested as a result of imbalance with the chakra qualities most closely related to the area. Eg. Reproductive glands and organs affected by Cancer would be associated with the 2nd Chakra.

One major underlying emotion and imbalance involved is LOVE. The ebb and flow of Love must be present in one’s life. You often will find that old resentments, inability to forgive and unresolved issues that carry over from incarnations past are also contributing to the manifestation of cancer lesions. This is quite a complex issue but certainly one that can be transformed and resolved permanently!

Staying with the MOST important emotional alignment theme of LOVE, you can and should, engage in the spiritual healing of washing the heart chakra, cleansing the etheric template of your body and embracing the incredible Love and Light of the Inner Temple! Once you begin opening to the Love and Light of the Soul and the Universal Divine source, there are some incredible shifts that take place. Your heart centre will also be receiving the beautiful support from those around you, medical care, community support too, which once again ADDS to the ebb and flow of love in your life and the healing!

Counsel and Steps to Healing:
Step one is to enter into a strong MINDFUL alignment to the Soul. The power of your MIND is beyond your comprehension and it is to be a great ally. Visualization and focus on the return to good health is important. You have inside of you a blueprint of your perfect body and perfect cellular make up. It is your goal to visualize your energy alignment to this blueprint. World Healing Academy will start you off with some guided meditation for healing and focus. Important that you begin your healing journey. (Specialized work can be created just for you specifically via School of Etheric Healing).

The MIND and your own powerful Will power set incredible intentions and goals which are your front engine of pathwork! Next, through love, energy healing and washing of the heart you will engage the internal and external alignments to a power that originated in Universal Love. Extraordinary power in the healing of love, prayer and united purpose. Use the heart washing audio to clear out the old energies from the body that are not in alignment with love.

With your firm engagement and commitment to the love energy, MIND and your own Will power you are well on your way to healing your body already. In addition you will find that working with a Holistic Nutritionist, Naturopath and/or Homeopath that specializes in cancer treatment will help you during any conventional medical treatment through your medical doctor(s). Ask your doctor to work with you and advise you on this approach so that everyone is working together. You are not alone on this journey of healing.

May you feel the personal empowerment of engaging such healing power from within you!

Guided Meditations:
Heart Washing

Divine Alignment Guided Meditation:

Healing Stones:
Petalite, Amethyst, Bloodstone, various Tourmaline