Energy Centre Focus:   3rd Centre – solar plexus above navel and 1st centre – located at the base of the spine.   3rd centre – YELLOW and 1st centre – RED colour used in visualization

Endocrine Glands effected:
   Adrenals – Organs:  The elimination tract including Colon and Rectum

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

With constipation you are having difficulty in elimination of the body’s waste and you are also having challenges with expressing your own emotions thus a stagnant state occurs.  This stagnant state of emotions and thoughts as well as physical waste creates a very toxic problem for your health.  The environment and people you associate with are triggering an insecurity within you.  When there is time for sharing thoughts and feelings, you hold back often afraid of how you are being read by others, judged by others and what impact your emotions and thoughts are going to have on others as well.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:
 You need to speak!  Easier said than done you say and likely you are not even sure how to start.  The best way to start engaging movement in your body is to start with journalling.  Writing things down about how you are feeling is a very positive step.  Singing, toning and Yoga as well as exercise in swimming and aquatic movement to music are all helpful to you.

For energy work you can take your own healing hand (the most predominant one that you use to write with or feeling inclined to use) and open it up keeping palm flat towards you. Start with small circular movements just above the surface of the body energizing yourself.  Do this in slow movements; not too quickly!

Start at the lower right hand side of your abdomen in front just about at your right hip.  Follow the path of the ascending colon” with circular motions and see if you can feel the warmth and love of the energy healing from your own hand.  Think of the word UP as you circulate this energy.  Breathe..and breathe deeply.  When you reach the waist at about the navel on the right side…continue to make these circular movements as you go across the body from right to left which is about mid-body).  Say to yourself ACROSS…Pause at the left side and then continue down the left side in circular motions until you reach the left lower abdomen/left hip…. saying in your mind DOWN….  Imagine then that you are flushing this hand in a sweeping motion down through the middle of you and say the word OUT in your mind.  So it is UP – ACROSS – DOWN and OUT.  You  are participating energetically with the peristalsis activity of the natural movement of the bowels.  You will feel the rhythm of the body’s own natural abilities to clear itself of the waste matter in a natural length of time for you.

Start to affirm to yourself that you release the toxins from your body and that you are at peace within.

Guided Meditation for Solar Plexus:

Healing Stone:  Malachite, obsidian