Guided Healing Meditation to Support you in Healing COVID-19

For those of you around the world who are struggling with the virus COVID-19, may you find support and some relief with the use of this Guided Healing Meditation. This is also a great PREVENTION healing because you are connecting through the guided healing meditation with the Codes of Life, Light and Love

It uses a visualization for your own self-empowerment and practice of your own MIND over the virus so that you can gain victory over it.

If you have the virus….Please continue to follow your doctors guidance and let Nature help you with fresh air and sunshine where possible. Draw from your Inner Strength with this guided healing meditation and aligning with the “Health Codes of Life” … Blessings…

Additional Guided Healing Meditation here: (8:44 sec) – Focus is on BREATHING and drawing Life Force in to Heal and Prevent Virus.

The SUN is also a Source of Healing! Deep Breathing!