Building up your Etheric Body and Increasing your Protective Aura

We all have an Electro-magnetic field that is commonly referred to as your AURA. This field is made up of many different levels of your consciousness and the first level called the ETHERIC level, that is the blueprint for your physical body, is very important and must be kept strong. However, with the challenges we have in our environment, nutrient deficient foods, poor water quality and polluted air that we breathe, the Etheric body is overwhelmed in its efforts to keep your body healthy.

In order for the etheric body to keep our physical body healthy, it relies on your emotional and mental state being well balanced as well in order to do its job. If you are stressed, anxious or fretful, you will be impacting your etheric body and the health of your physical body.

SUPPORT: You can harness a great deal of Energy support from the Magnetic field of our own Sun! Yes…by doing visualization and deep breathing during mediation you can actually increase the powerful Etheric Field and help yourself to stay strong and protected…increasing your very own forcefield and keeping viruses and pathogens away.

SOLAR BATHING: A very simple guided meditation that will help you to increase your own AURA and build up your immune system, strength of your lungs and ETHERIC BODY. Circulation is KEY to this exercise and this guided healing meditation will help you!

Approx. 13 MINUTES guided healing meditation