Energy Centre Focus: Centre of the Brain – Pineal/Pituitary primarily but all centres are involved.

Endocrine Glands effected: complete endocrine system especially pineal

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:  It is with great compassion and understanding that this is written for you.  Depression is very real and not always easily diagnosed.  The underlying emotion is very painful and you feel like you are cut off from any sense of assurance that your life is valuable and important.  The opposite is true but  you can’t hear that when you are in emotional pain and mental anguish.  The crown chakra centre when closed, means that you do not have enough access to your own Divine Light, Source and the Truth and Love within you.   It is imperative that this now changes and you get an opportunity to permanently heal from this state.  The development of the chakra system; especially to the crown is not something we are all taught when young so you would not know the benefits of them being open.  Meditation and Spiritual growth, though more common now in families, may not have been available to you!

Separation from the Soul is a false perception as we can never be separated from it or the Source we call God or Universal Source.  We just “think” that we are separated.  When you start with your meditation program and an energy healing step by step process, you will begin to feel the connection; know the connection.  The results will be most satisfying.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:   To start with, you should speak to a Spiritual counsellor, friend or professional who can enlighten you on the feelings and thoughts you are suffering from.  You will realize that you are NOT alone and that many, many people have this type of problem and when asked, all of them would love to see change in their lives.  Feelings to you are very real and so are your thoughts…you don’t know any other ones.  When introduced to new thoughts, feelings and experiences you will find it first rather surreal and maybe even in need of support to appreciate and understand them.  Once this becomes more a good habit and practice, you can feel yourself strengthen inside…that’s right..inside of you!

7 layer chakra guided meditations are excellent to get the energy bodies developing in you as well as your deep breathing, perhaps even YOGA or other form of spiritual movement or dance.  Once the energy starts moving, it will shift you out the stagnant and repetitive conditions.  New neural pathways must start to be “dug” out to replace the old paradigm; old programs running through your thoughts.  Knowing that you truly are an emanation of the Universal Source of All things and understanding clearly that you can never be separated from the Love and Light of Source may start to bring you some inner peace and reassurance right now.

You are encouraged to speak up about how you feel and search for the Truth and meaning of your very important and unique life.  You are an important piece of the Big puzzle; the individuated drop of the glorious Ocean of life!  May you find comfort in the guided meditations offered here.

Guided Meditation:  

Healing Stone: Amethyst, Quartz crystal