Energy Centre Focus: 3rd  – Solar Plexus and 4th Centre – Heart, 1st Centre – Tailbone

Endocrine Gland Affected: Pancreas, Adrenals

Organs: Heart, Pancreas, Kidneys

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: Your worthiness is being challenged and you are likely feeling at a loss as to how you are going to get out of the spiral of life that takes you down more often than taking you up. The lack of control causes you to turn to dietary choices that are not best supporting your good health and well being goals. The weakness is difficult to overcome as the emotional wave is stronger than the motivation and drive to succeed in letting go of what pains you so inside.  Defining where you are at right now is important to the planning of where you are headed for a turnaround to success!

Emotional loss and feelings of despair cannot be fulfilled in the external world alone for they must come from within. You may wish that if you “just had this or that” everything would be fine. Unfortunately, it would only be temporary. Long term, permanent fulfillment from within will ease the temptations and satisfy you into a balanced contentment in life. Let’s create more joy!

You may be experiencing that “if only” feeling and regrets and turn to substances, foods and drink that will make you feel better but it actually will not in the long run. The assessment and reflection you should be engaging in is “why” are you feeling that you are powerless to create a better life?

It is important to note that the power that will pull you out from this state will first be anchored in self love. Self love is very important and then a development of your Will for the betterment of Self will simultaneously begin to engage for you. You will need some help and it is best to ask for the help and know that you have support and a someone who can walk with you.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: No need to feel alone. You are worth every ounce of energy there is to help you to feel better and to support you in the task of regaining your self worth and personal inner power. Seek counsel and support from a team of professionals who understand this. Share with them your feelings and then begin a self help program that will lift you up and into a better state of self awareness and self love.

The healing with energy and meditation will help you to find a stronger alignment within and you can do this while you are exercising your options of physical care and control over those things that take you to extreme. To avoid this illness getting out of hand, it is best to start right away to transform the old self sabotaging into positive healthy habits. Damage from diabetes is problematic and so if you start now to engage in an alignment with the Greater Light within you, then you would be surprised how much easier it is to move towards positive gain! You are worth it!  Start with the breath of life and the sacred alignment to Love within your heart and Soul.

It is worth noting here that you have very sensitive intuition and should use it to “sense” those things in life that would bring you better health and well being. Ensure that you go forward and attain them!

Guided Meditation: Alignment to Soul’s Light

Guided Meditation to Solar Plexus:

Healing Stones:  Rose quartz, clear quartz, citrine