Energy Centre Focus:  Solar Plexus (3rd) Centre located just above your navel

Endocrine Glands effected:  pancreas.  Organs:  stomach, duodenum, intestines, often even the liver/gall bladder involved as well.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: 
Overload, over stimulation of life, can’t keep up but also can’t relax.  You are struggling with being able to “take in” the nourishment of life through food and energy from your environment including “chi” or life force.  The solar plexus is a powerful centre and needs to be kept well fed in a balanced way.  Feeling sick and emotionally unhappy is so often the case with those who are challenged in digestive issues such as this.

You feel dis-empowered by the world around you and unable to make your world; your body healthy.  It can be confusing because people don’t understand you well and you feel that attempts to explain your feelings and choices are often over-ruled by others or not embraced.  You likely find many things you learn and engage in difficult to assimilate and this is usually related to issues of love with a partner, friend, family or community.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  The first step is to KNOW that you are an “individuated” expression of the Creator and that your unique ways and unique expressions are not necessarily the same as others.  This can be quite empowering for you actually!  As a Divine emanation you would wish to identify your strengths, talents and skills and develop them.  As you explore this more your appetite for living here on earth will increase and you will be looking for; and receiving, the goodness in the foods that support your demands for energy in your body.

The solar plexus houses the intellect energy, emotional realizations of your personality as well as your creative, intuitive and sensitive functions.  Lots of energy movement goes on here.  Balancing the solar plexus with core muscle exercises, deep breathing, yoga, pilates, Qi Gong and other physical exercises you enjoy that bring core strength will be most effective.  In addition to these efforts, we can move now to the gentler healing part of your daily exercise, which would be in meditative reflection.  Important for you to feel the peace.  Allowing your ideas and dreams to be written down will be beneficial as well.  Express yourself.

After you eat place both your hands on your stomach above the navel; one on either side. Now start to breathe deeply and slowly.  After a meal you should give yourself time to take in the goodness from your food and not rush off in pursuit of something else. As you breathe deeply your diaphragm helps in the peristalsis or movement of digesting.

You should always strive to create a peaceful environment for meals.  Anxiety, stress, emotions, arguing, heavy discussions, and noise are not conducive to proper digestion.  Meal times should be times when there is no television, cell phones and radio going and everyone sits down to eat.  Standing to eat is not a healthy choice.

Remember YOU are in charge of what goes into your mouth as healthy food.  Choose the healthy foods that you need and keep junk food out of your vocabulary.  The body is a subservient vehicle for you as the Master and it is conditioned only as you think and feel.  Positive thoughts and moderate emotions are best!

Guided Meditation:



Healing Stone: Aventurine, Malachite