The Art of Feng Shui Living

Learning the Energy Language of Your Home

by Tammy Frederick

Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Law of Attraction Teacher

Feng Shui can be described in many ways, but at the heart of it, it is a way for us to interpret the energy in our lives as we see it manifested in our physical home. This ancient and beautiful art form is a language of energy and it gives each of us tremendous power to tangibly affect our own life creation on a daily basis. It is an empowering, enlightening, and harmonising practice. Learning the language of the energy in your home and how it relates to your internal world opens up endless and real possibilities to change, heal, and positively create your today.

Everything is Energy

From your body to your thoughts to your things. Your Home is an outer manifestation of your Inner World. As you bring harmony to your home, you bring harmony to your inner world. By bringing attention and intention to your physical home, you will begin to let go of that which no longer serves you and allow in the energy that you desire. Everything in your home is offering a vibration and is tied to you energetically. By clearing your space and letting energy flow easily through your home, you are in fact clearing, and allowing the free flowing of energy in your life.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui literally translates to wind and water. “Feng” or wind represents chi or energy, while “Shui” or water refers to fortune. In essence, Feng Shui means being in alignment with the energy of Fortune. Feng Shui was developed over 3000 years ago in China and is known as an ancient art. Feng Shui is a system of harmonizing everyone to their surrounding environment and energies. It teaches us how we can balance the energies in spaces. Feng Shui is based on the idea of our homes being a mirror to our energy and what is happening inside of us. If your surroundings are put right, this can positively help good energy to flow into all aspects of your life experience. Ultimately, Feng Shui is about looking deeper at the connections between your space and yourself. 

Getting Started

Feng Shui is a lifestyle and a practice and once you get started you will feel the immediate shifts in your own energy and your space. Here is a list of action steps to get you started on your Feng Shui journey.

1. Sit quietly, close your eyes, and take in 10 deep breaths. Quiet your mind and answer this question:

“What is my vision for my life and my home?”

Write it down in a journal or on a piece of paper and put it somewhere where you can review it regularly. This will anchor your energy into this process and begin to connect your mind, body, and home.

2. State the following affirmation:

“Harmony Surrounds Me, All is Well in My World.”

You can write this down and place it where you will see it. This simple and powerful affirmation will set the intention for your shifting and will take care of fifty percent of the energetic work as it carries you through your process.

3. Begin to bring attention onto your physical space – your home. Sit and visualize your space or walk around your home and take it all in. How does each room feel to you, which rooms do you like and which rooms do you avoid. Keep breathing, you are simply assessing your space as it currently is. I might also recommend at this point to take pictures of your home as it is right now, include exterior pictures, interior pictures, basements, closets, etc… This is only to give you a better perspective and to give you a starting point.

Setting Your Feng Shui Foundation

Once you have gone through the above steps. You can now start moving into specific actions to take in your home to get your energy flowing and shifting in positive ways.

1. Open up the windows, pull back the curtains, let in fresh air and day light, and put on some happy and uplifting music.

The key to getting everything moving is to invite healing energies into your home. Fresh air, sunlight, and music are powerful energies that will clear and shift your homes energy instantly. 

2. Now, the first areas of your home to attend to is the Front Entrance and the Back door. Take the time to clear these areas of clutter and excess stuff. Remove or fix anything that is broken and make it inviting. Be sure to go outside and look at both entrances and clear away overgrown vegetation, repair anything that is broken, and clear the paths. Be sure your outdoor lights are in good order and that your street number is clearly visible.

The front entrance is your Mouth of Chi, the place where energy enters and you want to welcome fresh new energy in all the time; as well as let it leave through the back door so that no energy stagnates in your home either. 

3. Next, attend to the hallways and doorways in your home. Clear them of excess clutter, try to remove things from hanging on the back of doors – relocate to a closet instead, ensure nothing is blocking the flow of energy in the halls and that doors can fully open. 

Look at the hallways and doorways as the arteries of your home. You want fresh oxygenated energy flowing in and out of each room and area of your home so it can breathe easily.

4. Finally, add in fresh plants to bring in the energy of aliveness and growth into your home and be sure to let go of any plants that are no longer living. Plants also help purify your air and that improves the energy and Chi of your home. Some good, easy to care for plants include:

Low light: Bamboo, Peace Lilies, Ivy plants, Rubber plants, Snake plants.

Bright light: Jade plants, Money trees, Spider plants Palms, Ferns.

Doing the above steps will set you steadily on your Feng Shui path and you will begin to see and feel shifts in your personal life as well. From here we will move onto looking at your home layout and how each area of your home corresponds to various life areas including, Wealth, Health, Relationships, Career, Wisdom and Learning, and so on. 

Take your time, be easy about all of it, and most of all have fun!