worried young woman holding pregnancy test


Energy Centre Focus:  1st – Tailbone Centre
plus 2nd – Sacral – Lower Abdomen – Lumbar, Sacrum

Endocrine Gland effected:  Ovaries

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:  What you need to embrace right from the start is that your own situation is unique to you.  Do not try to compare yourself to others especially your friends and family have had not had any issues in conceiving a baby.  If you can start by pushing these notions aside then you can start.

Your own Soul evolution has dictated that you were to be born into this world carrying into it your own past lives strengths and weaknesses.  You were born a woman and you are to embrace the very essence of this consciously.  The woman is to receive the vital life force and ignition from the Life stream and carry within herself the inherent Divine matrix or template of creation that the incoming Soul can replicate for themselves during their own period of incarnation.

But what if the Soul to be (the child to be) is having difficulty in coming in to this world because the womb is unstable or disharmonious to them?

You as the “mother” are to embrace your Divine qualities and be passive and reflective on this meaning of taking in this life.  You need to set aside time to prepare the womb and clear it of old, often unhappy pregnancies and emotions surrounding this from past lives.   Is this too far reaching?  Well..it is true.  The sacral; the body; the cells of the womb have memories and the memory of any trauma or emotional upset will be recorded here.

Usually the barren state is due to a disconnection to the incoming Soul in a past life pregnancies, the conditions that were associated with the pregnancy and the partner involved.  Also whether or not the child was welcomed, and planned.

Let’s see how you can prepare you own womb and make it a happy, healthy, welcoming Womb!  We also need to lift you out of the old emotion into the heart chakra centre !

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  We take down all barriers now and speak to Truth!  Ask yourself and reflect on, your own fears of being a mother, your thoughts, and feelings surrounding the prospect of this.

Be transparent and honest with yourself and write these reflections down in your own private journal.   Reflect on these lessons and even the memories of growing up and defining what your own home and family was like for you to be involved with.

Be prepared to reflect on those concepts that you may have buried a long time.  Also remember that you are releasing thoughts and feelings which may not be of the highest nature always.  Be kind and patient with yourself when you are reflecting and journalling these.

Are you barren or are you abundant in energy in the sacral?  Shift yourself into realizing that with the focus of your own MIND you will be able to spark and ignite a new flame of energy in the sacral which houses the infamous kundalini energy.

By going through the process of releasing the old and coming to terms with that which you harbour and then welcoming the NEW..you have given yourself a chance then to develop the healthiest womb energy to receive the incoming Soul !

Guided Meditation:

Heart Wash:



2nd Chakra:


Healing Stones:  garnet,  citrine, carnelian