Pensive man having a headache sitting on the bed with his girlfriend on the background


Energy Centre Focus:  1st  – Tailbone Centre – plus 2nd – Sacral – Lower Abdomen – Lumbar, Sacral

Endocrine Gland effected:  Gonads (testes)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

Loss of power (energy) and the moon energies (emotions) have given you periods of depression and  emotional challenges.  There are underlying conditions of fear and insecurity around being a father and being responsible for the life of another soul.  This can be buried quite deep and you are likely surprised to hear this.  This could be referred to as intermittent apprehension as well.  When the cold fear energy strikes, it targets the root chakra and thus the adrenals and gonads.

Let’s look at the insecurities and emotional challenges you have been harbouring certainly since being a young child.  The power in the seat of the dragon fire ( kundalini) in the root to sacral path which affects the sexual / reproductive virility, has not been properly permitted to develop due to overshadowing male energies in the environment and/or lack of male support and mentoring.  The confusion in you then as a little boy and as to how/where you fit in especially in family and community, was not well defined.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: 

Reassurances and development of one’s own worth and power as a man…needs to be shared with the partner. If the woman is particular strong there can be difficulty as well as there is a silent competition between the strong male side of the woman and the male expression found within you.  The male within you will step back to the woman’s overly strong male side as it will choose not to compete.

You need to have space to increase your male energy and vital life force whilst the woman partner should be focused on her own receptive energies and the qualities associated with her own gender.  You would be striving for a larger percentage of active male energy and strength with less but still very important passive/reflective female energy intelligence in you as well. Your partner would be striving for the opposite thus making the 2 of you a beautiful fit. Reflect on how your male qualities and your female qualities and determine just how this is currently being exercised. Do you need more reflective and creative time?

Reflect on just what being a man means to you and how that feels in your body.  You may not have been taught and mentored growing up and perhaps you are now reflecting on your father and grandfather ‘s characteristic as well.  It is good to reflect and assess these things, though it is not good to dwell on them as the reasons for your own issues.  This can cause you to feel that you should then blame them.  That’s not healthy. You can surpass the family issues and thrive.  Find your own inner strength and appreciate that you are unique.  Identify that which you wish to do in this life and work towards it.  Surround yourself with those people who support your dreams and goals and encourage you!

You will need to evaluate your diet and ensure abstinence from any alcohol and social drugs like marijuana as well.  Engage in deep breathing practice with meditation and also it is vitally important to do meditations and reflections that release your feelings of unworthiness and shame.  You are worthy and you will be a great father!  You need to learn how like everyone else.  Study parenting books, reflect on the fact that what you would be doing to help your child grow in a healthy and successful person will be coming right from your heart! With such love inside of you, open your heart chakra and know that you CAN attract a Soul wishing to incarnate on earth and be honoured to have you as his or her father!

Guided Meditation:  Vital Life Force – POWER increase!     

Heart Chakra:

Root Chakra:

Sacral Chakra:

Healing Stones:  Pyrite (Fool’s Gold), Garnet, Muscovite, Agate, Smoky Quartz