Energy Centre Focus:  3rd Centre  – Solar Plexus

Endocrine Glands effected:  Pancreas   Organs:  Liver and Gallbladder

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: 

It is not easy to look at oneself and realize that you may be holding within you a fierce pride, anger and inability to relinquish control to another.  Why?  More often than not you are used to doing things your way and have found others incapable of doing it the way you want be it a profession, game, project or just simple everyday activities.  You find it easier to just “do it yourself” rather than have to explain or teach another.

What often arises from this type of continued practice is a criticism towards others and a condemning manner about just who they are and what they represent to you.  Bitterness can seep into your consciousness more and more with the result being “hardened” thoughts as stones building up inside of your gallbladder.  You say you are often “sick of people” and “sick and tired” of the way life has been for you in relationship to others and their own ways.    You find yourself to be kind and loving and generous, yet others you find fault in.

Whether you end up with sarcastic or judgmental thoughts to others, they will turn to stone.

It is best to review these attitudes and even if you say that you “used to be like but are not anymore”, the body holds memory and will only translate to the physical expression from the emotions and thoughts that it holds within it.  You will need to release these old thoughts and emotions from the body.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  Clean slate time!  It’s good for you to review your feelings and thoughts towards self and others over your life and see if you can relate to the emotions and thoughts discussed above.  If you can begin to pinpoint just where you find this to have been practiced more in life, you will get to the origin of the illness in the body.

When in doubt , you can ask your own body. Put your right hand over your gall bladder region and ask it why it is so angry?  See what images and thoughts come to you from this.  The body is very willing to let go of this unnatural state of ill health and restore itself back to a state of homeostasis.

You may be surprised at just where you hold bitterness and resentment and why.  Once even partially discovered you can get on the road to happiness and good health  If necessary, you may need to engage in a gallstone detox regime which is available through your Naturopath.  It is using the food substances of olive oil and other flushing liquids so be prepared to have time at home to do this over the consecutive days allotted.  Have supervision and counsel from the physician before undertaking this gall stone flush.

You will have to deal with the physical stones themselves in this manner or by direction of your family doctor.  However, YOU will need to deal with the underlying issues so that the stones do not return.  Liver detox and gall bladder detoxing is very good yes, but you are to explore the nature and origin of your emotional intensity and attitude.

You will then clearly come to discover that this is not the way you wish to be.  Love and gentleness will be something you crave and will seek.  Once you start reading positive affirmations and doing your own trigger and release meditations, you will be happy to let go of the old ways and embrace the new.  First thing to do is to accept that there has been this emotional build up and that you are willing to let things go.  Control should begin to balance with surrender to your Higher Self and a willingness to let others learn the same.  Be kind and fair to others as they too are challenged to find their own paths in life. can’t do it all.  We are a team of human beings on this planet and you need to allow people into your life to participate with you in this incredible journey of the Universal expression.

Guided Meditation:   

Healing Stone:  Golden Topaz, Amber and Carnelian