Energy Centre Focus: 1st  – Centre at your tailbone, 5th Centre at the thyroid region and back of the neck, 3rd Centre in the Solar Plexus

Endocrine Glands affected: Adrenals, thyroid, pancreas

Organs: Kidneys, stomach and neck region.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:
There have been “shadows of doubt” cast upon you with regards to your feelings of inner strength and ability to trust within that there is a much greater power inside of you that is in charge. You have survived with the attitude of “doing it all yourself.” You have then rallied up to expend this same energy on situations where others are involved as well which can often dis-empower others as well without realizing it. The hair starts to fall out when one is “pulling one’s hair out” at the dis-empowering thought of not having control over given situations, problems that loved ones are having, life’s issues and challenges that are caused by others impacting upon us, conditions in the world that seem beyond our control and ability to fix, as well as frustrations at the state of life in and around us. Weakness and loss of effective power begins to seep in weakening the body and the hair follicles, as waves of hopelessness comes in from time to time like a tidal wave taking over.

The more stress you are put under, the more the hair falls out and the cycle continues. There will be some work to do around letting go of the control you have always had in the paths between the 1st to 3rd chakra and belly region and permitting the higher power of your throat centre and the Greater Inner Self to shine through.

The throat centre restrictions will need addressing and the strain on the body that can cause headaches as well.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: Knowing that you can be helped is the very first thought to be introduced into your new thought form patterns. Let go of the thought that you must bear this burden alone and hold your own flag high in the process. You will need to let your inner strength come out not in a battle of Will and stressful “thinking” but instead your inner strength will come through with reasonable thought and good reflection. Your soul has a plan and you will need to surrender to the plan by reflecting on life and deciding at what moments do you feel the most natural and healthy? What is it that you do that brings you joy and peace? When are you in the most relaxed state and aligned with the free flowing energy of life? That is what you need to seek.

You will need to spend more time using energy and meditation to draw the power up to your throat centre with deep breathing practices, spiritual healing and perhaps some tai chi or yoga will be helpful. Reflect on your life style and determine if what you do weakens or strengthens you internally. Are you happy doing what you do? Are there some very natural skills and gifts that you are suppressing or not giving enough time to explore? Are you just trying to please others without giving yourself any thought?

Seek the alignment to the Soul Master within you and you will find good counsel. Try meditating for alignment and surrender to the Light of your Soul.

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stones: lapis lazuli, black obsidian, snowflake obsidian, red garnet, peridot