Energy Centre Focus: 3rd – Solar Plexus primarily

Endocrine Gland Affected: Support for the entire Endocrine System

Organs: Liver, Brain, Stomach

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: Depending upon the symptoms and the extreme and degree of pain involved, the approach to helping you to healing yourself can vary.

You would need to look at your life and start to assess where there is peace and where there is not. For example, you would look at your happiness, joy and calmness. Do you find peace in your relationships? home? work? Do you wake up each day with a good feeling or are you dreading what the day will bring? Do you feel satisfied with what you are doing in life?

Your body is reacting to one or several things. You may find that you are feeling much better when you are left to be on your own doing enjoyable activities, creative projects or meditation. But as soon as someone or something starts to invade this time you have you start to get agitated, restless, unhappy and tense. The body will express this through pain from the head, body and often in the abdomen-stomach region.

Contentment is very important and you are likely not speaking up enough and sharing what you are feeling. Most people who get headaches tend to hold their feelings and their tension in to themselves. This is not a good thing. The circulation of energy is getting jammed up at various nodal crossings thus you find yourself in pain. The brain and neck can end up feeling a great deal of pain as the tension builds up, and can become unbearable. Relaxants and pain medicine only masks the underlying cause. You escape for a short period of time only to find it return again later or another day.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: You wish to take charge of your life now and stop putting off what is inevitable. You need to transform and re-create your life with time spent doing what you wish to do. Balance. If you start having more time to be content and fulfilled you will be able to manage the stresses and external conditions that present themselves from others in your life.

Remove yourself from situations where you are the “dumping ground” for the energies from other people and their problems. You are not built to handle everyone else. Start to direct them or guide them to the appropriate places and contacts where they can get what they need so that you have more time for yourself. Try to have an outlet for the emotion you carry. This can be in Nature walking, doing vigorous exercise, swimming, bicycling. Have an outlet.

Remember to do your deep breathing and on the exhale you need to let go of that which you have taken in. If someone is extensively engaged in talking with you then ask for a time out. Let them know when you are going into overload. Create more boundaries. Start planning the day and days ahead. Make sure you are scheduled to have activities for yourself as well even if that means it is a nap or walk. Spend time with family pets and Nature. They can shift you to a very hopeful an uplifting mood.

Your body is so used to pulling in and hurting right up into your head that you must retrain yourself now to “let it out”. The breathing and use of Nature is superb for this. Remember, that except for emergencies, nothing is that important that you can’t pace yourself and take one step at a time. Don’t over load yourself with so much work that you get overwhelmed. Peace and breath are key to this!

** It is helpful to do a full chakra clearing to remove energy that you have taken on from others that is causing you to have such an overload as well **

Guided Meditation:  Meditation for Divine alignment:

Healing Stones: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Malachite, Pink Tourmaline