Energy Centre Focus: 4th Upper Chest Centre and Tailbone Centre

Endocrine Gland Affected: Thymus and Adrenals

Organs: Heart and Kidneys

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: Your emotions can range so very much in you that it’s difficult for you to maintain a place of equilibrium. You can have the greatest love inside of you to give and would give the shirt off your back to a loved one in need but you are also carrying some very difficult emotions that were never processed, thus they are sitting in the heart and arterial system, hardening up and blocking proper flow. This can feel very challenging for you because you find life can be quite unfair and stressful without due reward, while you work long hours trying to make the very best of it too. Where is the balance you ask? The Heart is the centre of your existence just like the Sun is the centre of our Solar system. You are looking for your own centre and think that the answer to your issues is something that is found “out there” in the world. Not is found within you.

Stress, anxiety, mood swings and depression, overwork and poor ebb and flow of joy in your life are at the root causes of the physical symptoms of heart disease. There are also the obvious issues for you to resolve such as excessive stress on your circulation and your heart tissue due to insufficient nutrition in your diet, perhaps unhealthy addictions and poor exercise.

Let’s talk about the ebb and flow of Love in your life. You are to take some quiet time to sit down and assess this question of love. If you are not feeling that you are supported, loved, nurtured and involved in positive daily activities, then you have some changes to make in your life. Start to welcome this mentally and spiritually. When you start with that intention you can begin to magnetically attract this to you. Be open and aware of when life starts to bring you opportunity. Remember not to reject this but instead embrace new energy that brings love. There is no reason for you to suffer and strain in this world when the 1st Principle of LOVE is the basis of your existence.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: The first thing you wish to do is acknowledge a path of self healing, peace and self love. This can be found in you and lived by you…. all the days of your life. It is time for you to start enjoying the balance of Love in your life and you must start looking after your body.

Make sure you get the right amount of rest and that you align with Mother Nature on a daily basis. Take up some quiet projects in addition to those which require more high end exercise and outlay of energy. You need to understand that your adrenals are not to be over-taxed. Proper breath work and some meditation or yoga practice that helps you conserve energy are also indicated.

If love is drained from you to others alone with nothing coming back in, you would naturally feel isolated and depleted, sad and then bitter. A whole host of emotions can cause us to turn away and not trust others. When you welcome love into your life then you attract that which you can trust. You can always trust the Inner voice of guidance and the sacred ground (Nature) upon which you stand. These 2 aspects of you will give you a solid foundation on your path of healing. Connect with the Earth, physical body, breath, Soul’s Light and Universal flow of love with meditation and proper breathing. You can turn your life around!

Guided Meditation: 4th chakra –

Guided Meditation: Heart Washing –

Healing Stones: Rose Quartz, Emerald, Turquoise