Energy Centre Focus:  Root Chakra and Solar Plexus

Endocrine Gland Focus:  Thymus

Organs:  Skin

Target of the Healing:  Immune System, Nerve System (Cerebral-Spinal Column)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:  The person who suffers from this health challenge is one who has tried without success to be independent because the Universal Law states that we are to be individuated; but not independent.  There is often fears about managing in the world and one is often challenged about becoming too involved with others, so instead chooses to get far away and withdraw in attempt to figure things out for themselves.  There is a distortion around the meaning of Universal Love and an imbalance between excess giving and not knowing how to receive.

Oftentimes, the person suffering from this affliction also has a challenge to stay to task in certain responsibilities in relationships and would love to “escape” to just play; entertains others to be accepted, and puts out too much energy thus an imbalance in the immune system occurs as well.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  You may find that you respond well to engagements with others through compassion and receiving love more unconditionally.  Learning to receive is very important.  It has also been found that one could meditate and invoke the “Love-Wisdom” Ray of Energy healing plus the tone/sound healing of both Middle C and D# are helpful.

The cells will begin to dutifully transform and conform to universal Law with practices in both of these exercises and in shifting old attitudes of recklessness and flippancy that were used to shield hurt. Good thoughts and seeing kindness in others; receiving kindness back will all help in the healing process.

You may wish to consult your Naturopath regarding the inclusion of Mg (Magnesium), Ca (Calcium) and K (Potassium), proper Iron levels and B vitamin spectrum.  They could help you to determine just how balanced these are in your diet.  In addition an alkaline environment in your body over an acidic one is much preferred.

Reduce anxiety and stress through healing meditations and reflect on the word: “inclusiveness”!

Guided Meditation: