Energy Centre Focus: Tailbone Centre –  path through Sacral, Heart and up to centre of Brain

Endocrine Glands affected: The adrenals, pineal and the organ: Heart

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:
When we tune into your aura it is clearly seen that the psychic body is challenged by images and fragments of thoughts that are false and misleading that dredge up old fears of mistrust and safety. The streams in the system going back are extensive even into the past lives.

You haven’t really been at “peace” in life and several experiences have contributed to your current state of inability to sleep at night. Rather than fight with the inner self and get frustrated it is easier to face these issues with emotional support and conversation. The emotional challenges are very hard on your nerves and increases the stress on the adrenals and brings anxiety to the heart.

One issue has triggered the next and so on. You have tried to override it with the intellectual pursuits and keeping busy as it were, but there comes a point in time when you can no longer put a lid on these matters; something needs to give.

One gets the feeling that the world is a difficult place to trust and that people may not necessarily be trustworthy. In fact, even if that were partly rest assured that solutions are at hand and you CAN attract those people to you that will bring a mutual respectful exchange of trust and love.

Your childhood will reveal that you were, and still are, a very sensitive person and that you found fear in the unknown. If you are an adult reading this section for your own child, then be sure to observe yourself as a mother/father and examine your own peacefulness. The child will be expressing the energy that it is picking up in its own environment and parents auras.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: The first thing you will wish to do is examine your life in terms of your own TRUST with a power within you that is in charge; the Creator and Divine Plan. There is a Plan for you and you need to begin now to reflect on the assurances this plan will bring you. Surrendering to the Divine within you at night is going to be the first step. Know that you can step on up into the Higher Temple for the night will be quite the relief and quite the protection as well.

If you are an energy worker or you work with a lot of people, you may wish to have a Sea Salt bath before bed. Put a handful of Sea Salt into your bath and soak for no more than 20 min. Don’t forget to dip your head too to cleanse your aura. The salt will remove the energy of others from your field. CLEAN ! Fresher sleep.

You may wish to consult a specialist who can assist you in reflecting on your childhood and where the first issues of “breach of TRUST” occurred. You may be surprised how the inner child still holds in the emotional body fears of the dark, people and experiences. Clearing this up and integrating the inner child will be helpful.

Gain confidence in speaking to someone about what you are feeling and what “bothers” you so that you don’t hold it all to yourself. You can start to talk your way to enlightenment on the underlying cause of insomnia. You may have stress in your life that comes from false beliefs about your foundation..most commonly your job, success and financial or health concerns.

The emotional body would enjoy very much for you to address that which it holds. The thoughts that are repetitious being cleared and reprogrammed would greatly benefit you as well. It is time to “talk it out” and explore what you are holding inside that is disturbing your sleep.

Try the meditation on “Creating your Temple” for the Night for a pleasant sleep. It will help you to get up and out of the lower realms where sleep can be disturbed as well.

Put a few drops Lavender essence in a bowl of fresh water in your bedroom. Gives the room a nice energy for sleeping.

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stones:
Obsidian, Amethyst and Clear Quartz Crystals