Energy Centre Focus:   1st – Tailbone Centre

 Endocrine Glands effected:   Adrenals

 Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

When someone is experiencing fear of failure, trauma from being suddenly ridiculed or being openly criticized before others….it is said that “One’s KIDNEYS go cold”.  This is true and your kidneys begin to struggle to keep the water balance in your body and you can experience many symptoms including a cold sweat, abdominal pain, dizziness, urgency to urinate, and trembling.

Somewhere in your past you have been up against this type of scenario that has locked itself as memory into the cellular make up of the kidney function.  This can worsen and deepen over time even though you are managing mentally to override the fears.  The emotions do not get released and they build in the kidneys.

Most kidney stones are made of calcium.  The kidneys often build up to such a point of emotional energy reaction and concretized emotion, that stones soon begin to form and the mineral calcium which should be used by the body to build bones and a solid foundation, become dispersed and off track.  The calcium is not permitted by the body to build a foundation because the emotional trauma is pulling it away from being able to do that.  One feels ungrounded and unable to have a good healthy foundation.  The fear over takes the physical Intelligence of the calcium’s duty and sends it off to collect as fear in the kidneys forming a stone.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  It is very helpful to have a look at the times as a child when you were placed in these uncomfortable and often frightening situations.  Be objective and understand that you are the “adult” now looking at these things.  Handle this approach to these matters with love; self love.

The triggers and experiences from others can be turned around now and transformed to power in the root and confidence in your own self expression.  Being clear on what it is you do enjoy in life and what you desire to express is necessary.  You can start this road to recovery by realizing that the false beliefs placed as seed thoughts in YOUR mind by others come from their own sense of insecurity; their own personal fears and these were directed to you.

Start to own what you do have budding skill in and blossoming gifts in.  Embrace what you do have; not what you fear you don’t.  The root chakra healing and the warmth and love you send to the kidneys will be very helpful.  You will also remember the importance of having plenty of water in your daily diet and healthy mineral and vitamin containing foods.

Focus on your foundation.  Your home, job, financial building…all those necessary activities that lead to a good solid and secure base.  From there you expand.  Invest time and energy into that which you love most and only listen to the intuition and insights that come from your Inner Self in meditation to guide you on these inspirations.  Trust that you really DO have access to Truth within.  Accept only encouragement and avoid those who are negative and critical.  Remember that you are recreating your life; your world.  Make it beautiful.

Be forgiving to those who brought shadows of illusion to your world…and instead recognize these shadows for what they are.  You are not to ever feel trapped in the shadows of illusion.  Break free from this by breaking down the false belief.  Build your alignment to the Inner Divine Self through your yoga, meditation, prayers and nature.  All of these activities will bring you a greater sense of peace and self worth overcoming the fears of your old paradigm.

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stone:  Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Peridot, Garnet