Sunlight Visualization Cleanse & Rays of Healing for your Liver

Enjoy this guided mediation for healing support of your liver! We can find ourselves veering off track from time to time with our food choices and your liver takes the brunt of those choices!

Deep breathing and giving it a break with healthy foods as often as you can is important…… with a goal of course of making that an everyday thing! Be sure to drink the recommended amount of water each day that your physician advises and it’s nice to add some lemon to your water if you are inclined, for that too is helpful to liver function.

Underlying causes of liver illness and disease: Energetically, you are holding too much unresolved frustration, beliefs not shared and unexpressed emotion in your liver/gallbladder which results in a build up over time. One of your oldest core issues is often linked to uncertainty about yourself; your self worth being at the forefront; yet buried. If this continues, we end up with a nervous laugh, trying to fit in, excessive stress and eagerness to please, trying hard to be a little louder or noticed in a social situation or withdrawing completely and just listening and fading into the background.

The liver is designed to process that which is taken in through the food you eat, as well as your experiences with your world around you. If you are challenged to engage this flowing, processing system, which includes sharing your thoughts and emotions, being heard by others, speaking expressively and feeling welcomed to do so……it has nowhere to put these life experiences of emotion and thought…and just keeps it all tucked away inside. Not a good thing! At some point after suffering digestive issues, bloating, pain and discomfort in eating and inability to enjoy everyday living, you have no choice but to begin to explore what it is that you are holding back inside.

Did you feel you were “seen” as a child in the family, amongst friends and in your community? Were your feelings important? They should be! Were you considered the more mature one in the family, therefore others just assumed you were okay?

Let’s start to really think about just how unique you really are! Have you started to look at your gifts? Have you defined yourself and made choices of having people in your life that respect you? Life with others should be an ebb and flow of giving and taking; sharing and fair exchange.

Try this guided healing meditation and see if it helps you to breathe out the overload of stagnant energy in your liver….balancing your solar plexus in a healthy manner. Reflection and journalling your emotions, thoughts and beliefs will help you take a big step towards healing. Let’s start!

Guided Healing Meditation for the Liver