Energy Centre Focus:  1st  – at the Tailbone

plus 2nd – Sacral – Lower Abdomen – Lumbar, Sacral

  RED for Root Centre and ORANGE for Sacral

Endocrine Gland effected:
  Gonads (testes)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

Loss of power (energy) and the moon energies (emotions) have given you periods of depression and  emotional challenges.  There are underlying conditions of fear and insecurity around yourself.  This can be buried quite deep and you are likely not surprised to hear this.  Often what is found when analyzed, is that you have been subjected to belittling comments growing up, “not good enough”, overshadowed by a strict male lineage (father and grand father), subjected to a powerful boss at work even and you likely have chose a partner in life that is stronger to handle challenges than you.

Remember that this loss of power and worth is full of false beliefs…you ARE loved and you ARE a powerful man of great inner strength!  However you have lived with these insecurities for some time and now they may be manifesting for you in the physical world and this can be very disturbing for you.  Energy healing will be a tremendous help.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:

Reassurances and development of one’s own worth and power as a man.  Begin to reflect on the root of the false beliefs and see if you can see a common thread beginning to form.  If you find that during various times of your life you have been feel disempowered…then write this down.  Lay it out for yourself on a notebook and you will soon find all the links to false beliefs that have concentrated to form these emotional blocks.  Emotions and reactions to your friends, partner, community are very real to you and you need to identify them as well.  Who triggers you?  What triggers you?  You will likely feel this in the prostate and often find a cold fear running through you as well.  Circulation can be poor and your heart may react with anxiety.

Once identified you can start to reassure your body that you, as the Master, are now about to take over the situation with power and love!  The people that helped to form these false beliefs should not be judged or criticized for they came from their OWN insecurities as well.  They found their power in putting others down.  You on the other hand are finding that your sensitivities are acute, your compassion strong and your understanding of others even stronger.

Choose that which you wish to express and create in life and put your heart and soul into it.  Be sure to honour your own goals and desires.  Be sure to keep balance and watch for anger from within you as you wish to neutralize this more and more with your understanding of your body and your needs.

Engage in the deep breathing practices, nature, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or martial arts.  Include meditation and learn how to breathe into the lower part of your body for better circulation and heart support.  Visit a Naturopath or Holistic Practitioner for proper diet and supplements.

KNOW that you are the Master of your body and that you are a Divine emanation!  Embrace your own unique gifts and forgive those who are unable to see you for what you are and instead embrace those who do!

Guided Meditation:  Vital Life Force – POWER increase!

Healing Stones:  Pyrite, Garnet, Obsidian, Clear Quartz