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There is mounting Scientific evidence that essential nutrients lacking in our diet are the underlying causes of decreased mental faculty, deficiency in alertness, depression, migraines, irritation & mood swings and early onset of Alzheimers disease.  Start now..why suffer? There are ways and means to prevent rapid aging and brain fatigue, memory loss and lack of motivation for life. Women in our modern day Society are under increasing stress. They have elected to put themselves into competitive educational systems, demanding professional environments and enduring overwhelming daily timetables. In the normal run of things, due to the hormonal makeup of her body, a woman requires nurturing for her sense of Self.

To prevent migraines and understand the importance of a “clean” brain, one must explore the relationship between your life style, your digestive system and your brain. Since our mind is a mirror of ourselves, anything that interferes with brain function such as migraines and lapses in memory is striking directly at the women’s lack of realization of herself.

Because of choices we make it has become very challenging for women these days to find time for themselves for personal reflection and examination of their state of health and mental/emotional well being, when the alarm clock is going off for them to “hit the pavement” in the morning after only having turned off the lights for sleep a few hours ago.

Further, being mindful of our emotional and mental state, medical scientists tell us that 8 hours of sleep is essential to our inner and outer beauty, health and realization of Self whether in youth, maturity or old age. These are the laws of nature and no one can successfully violate them.

It is time for you, as a woman, to take your life back and get into alignment with Nature’s Laws by getting off the ceaseless treadmill of modern life. Any neglect to the healthcare issues mentioned, will start degradation of brain tissues and lead to the onset of dementia and degenerative brain and neural conditions.

Each of us has come into this life with a job to do that includes not only liberating ourselves from our own core issues and inherited unfavourable patterns of our genetic lineage, but to find our own personal creative expression and embrace it; manifest it with all it’s glories!
How can you do this if you don’t feel well? If you are nauseated or are experiencing a debilitating migraine?

You don’t have to spend all your time slave to this physical material treadmill you have put yourself on. From my own experience and studies, here are some tips to help you to regenerate and cleanse yourself and start regenerating a healthy foundation:

  1.  Your first task is to examine your food quality, how and when you eat and your personal habits. Cut out all additives, preservatives, soda pop, chlorinated drinking waters, alcohols, recreational drugs, and excessive sugars from your diet.
  2. You should eat only organic food and drink pure spring water. This will give your liver a chance to regenerate itself. Feed your body the nutrients you need to present a beautiful radiant Self to the world around you!
  3. Never allow yourself to get dehydrated which can be a potentially dangerous issue for your health. The problems this causes can stay with you for a life time.
  4. Start on a detox program that includes a parasite cleanse under the supervision of your Natural Health Doctor, Naturopath, or other Licensed Health Professional. Your health professional can determine just how toxic your body is and safely begin the task of eliminating the excessive load on your liver and immune system.
  5. How well you are doing will show up in the tests that they can offer you.
  6. If you believe you can’t afford this..the truth is you can’t afford not to. The nutrients that you “think” are going into your body and assimilated are likely not being properly processed at all. You may state that you “eat well”. You are not. You would not be suffering from headaches as extreme as migraines if you were balanced in the ebb and flow of proper nutrition.
  7. Sleep a minimum of 7 to 8 hours per night. Remember the old proverb…If you must go out for a night for social reasons “there’s nothing that needs to happen after midnight that can’t happen before midnight” Enjoy your evening out socially from time to time until 10 pm. and then go to bed. Your work nights should have a earlier scheduled bedtime. Your cells regenerate every night and if your body is not given time to do this your Inner Self can’t communicate with the body.
  8. Learn to breathe properly and to meditate regularly.
  9. Anxiety, stress and tension can be reduced with proper diaphragm breathing methodically performed. You may find a local yoga studio is offering a gentle yoga program that includes a course on deep breathing and often it includes a meditation. If not, there are plenty of online sites, audio/videos, healing centres and classes that would be able to give you the steps you need to get started. Stress relief and relaxation in your body will take the pressure of your internal carotid arteries that carry the blood to your brain.
  10. Tension can tax your glandular system by creating poisonous chemicals and these chemicals contribute to a wrath of degenerative diseases and conditions.

We have touched the surface at this time on the proper ways of navigating the straight and narrows of modern day life. Put these into practice and release yourself from the hidden underlying, and more obvious causes, of migraine headaches!
May you find peace within while you begin living the changes you wish to see to your health and well being!

It is my pleasure to honour and acknowledge my Teacher who was consulted and contributed to the philosophical and spiritual aspects of this discussion on the underlying cause of Women suffering from migraines.

In Light and in Peace,
Kathy Roseborough, Co-Director of World Healing Academy

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