Energy Centre Focus:  5th Centre – throat and 4th Centre – back of the heart between the shoulder blades

Endocrine Glands effected:  thyroid and thymus

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: You are determined to be “heard’ and that you are basically “right” so a stubbornness is present in you which can refuse to relinquish itself to other peoples thoughts.   This is not something new though as you would of started out like this in life and gradually built up this resistance in order to survive and make your world “safe”.  Controlling your environment and your world is important to you when you feel vulnerable but also to ensure that you fit in, you have found it necessary to voice a strong will and opinion of your own in the group!

The challenge with this manner of living and thinking, is that it cuts you off from internal inspiration and access to the spiritual world within you.  When you do get ideas from within or suggestions from another, you are more likely to express a reason why they won’t work and wind up not pursuing it.  It you do pursue the idea and it doesn’t work, then you can deflect blame and responsibility elsewhere.  The throat and neck is considered to be the higher Mind and Will of the Soul that governs over your own evolving Ego intellect and Ego will; if we allow it too.  The Ego needs to get out of the way of the governing Mind and Will with a malleable and fluidic grace of receiving.

The emotional false beliefs often found in the stiff neck and throat difficulties are fear and insecurity.  When you do your projects and jobs it is often with a powerful drive and “I’ll do it” attitude, that may not always welcome another person to your side of the equation without an itching to control the project in some way or do things your way only.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:   Your world can be a very safe and exciting place to explore without concern of feeling vulnerable or insecure.  Start to hear the words of those who praise you and your gifts and make note of what your positive qualities are.  As you get more and more comfortable with that which you enjoy, and are eager to become even more efficient at, you can focus more of your time and energy developing it.  Be open to further ideas and stimulating impressions of thought when meditating or reflecting on future advancements in your gift and skill.  Dream BIG!  Ask others you trust how you can develop your own personal expression and start to research and network around on it.

Learn to accept life’s limitations if imposed upon you by others that are currently seen as adverse to you and instead focus and act on what you CAN do.  As you grow in what you CAN do you may be surprised to learn that what you originally thought was blocked to you, starts to open up.  Believe in yourself and be kind and open to accept that there are some great ideas to be explored when offered.  Learn to listen as well.  Listen to those with experience but also listen to those who offer a timely observation and sharing.

Practice yoga postures that help the upper back and neck or engage in physical exercises that gently stretch your neck muscles and upper back/shoulders. Sometimes swimming is beneficial.

Meditation can open a whole new world to you and when you begin with the imagination you can grow from there to create solid and direct lines of communication with your Inner Self; the Master within.

Naturally breathing is a number ONE priority with you as you would be cutting yourself short if you did not engage in a breathing practice that offered you expansion of the upper chest and back/shoulders.  Over a period of time you will find yourself loosening up the neck and a peaceful enjoyment of life will settle in.  If headaches accompany this neck issue – have a look at the section under H – Headaches as well.

Guided Meditation:

Throat chakra:


Healing Stone:  Lapis lazuli, Quarts, Turquoise