Public or Personal – Panic Attack – Immediate Relief
Guided Healing for Inner Peace – Relief of Panic Attack/Anxiety
You are Safe – You are Grounded

If you have been feeling overwhelmed and anxious during these transitioning times of life….it may find it too much for your nerves and heart to handle so you get an overload reaction. This happens and it is usually when we “fear the unknown; the future of uncertainty” or find it difficult to cope with the amount of day to day things that need to be done in order to survive.

Let’s use the tools of guided healing and meditation to train the physical body and emotional system to TRUST the Master within…in other words…to build a connection that balances out the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.

The breath and the Mind development will help you to get stronger and more assured. Know that you are safe. Know that there is a Plan for your life and that you will build up the strength inside to pick up on the guidance.

Practice this guided healing and you will find many benefits from it.

***** Note *****

The shorter immediate relief Energy audio is for when you find yourself in a place either on your own or in public that ungrounds you. Walk away for a moment and listen to it on your phone…just to bring you back into oneness.