The Air we Breathe

Understanding Breathing for the New Cycle of Mankind

by Nels M. Shaw, Sr.

Breathing the Breath of Life is must if we would remain alive. Breathing is the beginning. No living thing can become or remain alive, without breathing of some sort. For human beings, there are seven levels of energy available in their breathing. One of these levels encourages intelligence, understanding and mental acuity. Another encourages kindness, charity and compassion.

When taken all together, the seven levels encourage the subtle as well as the physical health, strength and durability of the physical body. In short, if we do not breathe properly, then the infinite possibilities that can express themselves in the human nature will not come forward, because the energy of Divine Life is not available and therefore, human beings who do not breathe properly are not truly alive in the Universal sense.

Because of the connection between breathing and health, as well as mental, spiritual and physical power, and the quality of the air around us, if we would become and remain truly human, we must ascertain that our atmosphere component is pure, clean and so maintained for our well-being. Therefore, to maintain clean water to hydrate the air and vigorous greenery to oxygenize and fill the atmosphere with life, are divine duties of every human being.

With this in mind, let us now begin an exercise to accumulate all the possibilities of air in our bodies.

Breathing – The Sacred Breath of Life