Energy Centre Focus: All of them can be affected especially 3rd Energy Centre (solar plexus) giving symptoms of bad dreams/visions, stomach issues, headaches

Endocrine Glands affected:
All of the endocrine glands and organs can be affected as well. Depends upon which chakra you feel the most invasive disturbance of the emotions and thoughts of others. Commonly it is the stomach therefore the pancreas is affected.

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: This is a situation where your aura is too soft and malleable without the strength it requires to ward off the ill effects of other people’s negativity. You would tend to be a very kind, loving and generous person yourself and not prepared to defend yourself. Most often your “empathy” nature and attitude of “looking for the best in people” can be a gift and a challenge too!

Be careful that you don’t attract to yourself these types of experiences either by permitting yourself to fall into the deception of the lower worlds (emotions and thoughts that are not uplifting).

Another heads up to be aware of: The proper use and improper use of psychic energy and your personal development. When you are developing your psychic gifts and start to “see into” and become acquainted with, the energy and entities of others realms you must approach this development with solid teaching. Your chakras must be developed properly before you go into the world of psychic phenomena. The psychic realms can be tricky and need proper spiritual development and interpretation. Many take their visions literally and then become confused by the experiences.

Psychic development and your spiritual paths should be awakened by methods that are tried and true; not a fast track method. It can be quite injurious to you to move too fast. Strong and steady study, meditation and personal reflection will do you well. Learning from a qualified instructor on the proper development of your Inner Eye is key and as well, learning to look “up and into” the higher realms with the steady development of the pineal pituitary gland connection with a further good “grounding” to ensure stability.

First of all though…give your chakras a good cleanse and strengthen your Aura!

For more on the stages of your psychic and spiritual development, it would be helpful for you to read the Life 101 Manual that is available on this website under Educational Tools.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:
Your AURA will become stronger as you increase the clearing and development of your own chakras. Your chakras actually produce the aura as they spin. All 7 of your chakras must be looked after and kept clear. Be clear and precise about who you are and what you engage in for your psychic development. Be also very clear about boundaries with your family and friends, employers and care providers. There is no need for you to be drained and made weak by the energy thoughts and feelings of another. After you do the CLEARING from your auric field the remove the energy of another person, you should then use the tools provided here to increase your boundaries and strengthen your aura. Sealing your Aura in BLUE will be most helpful and there is an exercise here for you to do that.

Guided Meditation: Strengthening Aura:

Removal of Others Energy:

Healing Stones:
Black Tourmaline and Pyrite, Labradorite, Hematite