Energy Centre Focus:  5th Centre – Throat, Heart centre effected – 4th Centre

Endocrine Glands effected:
 thyroid and Organ:  lungs

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:

When you find yourself with these deep seated conditions that disable your breathing, then it is time to take a close look at yourself.  The BREATH..the sacred breath that connects you to life.  The underlying challenge here is a painful false belief of separation.  “Can’t breathe; can’t live..trying to survive so please help me”

Let me tell you that the Cosmic consciousness or unfolding Universal Energy of the All is definitely listening to you!  Let’s take charge now and begin to reintegrate into the precious LOVE of the Universal Divine to feel that you can have space to breathe again!

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  How do you do this?  You may find this next part challenging but we need to advise you to stop what you are doing and take time for yourself. may need to take a “sick” day off work or ask a good friend or family member to come into your home and look after things while you stay horizontal on the couch and rest.  Why?  You are not used to this…that is why!

Can you feel the Angels with you?  It’s okay to cry and be sad if you find yourself in this position.  Feel their embrace? Pull the soft blanket up around you even more and connect with LOVE.  Can you imagine how many people are missing out on life because they are carrying this miasm (unresolved emotion and thought process) and it explodes to the surface from time to time asking for patience, love and kindness from you?  Miasms will come out of dormancy causing physical symptoms when the timing is right for them to be healed.  Pay attention to this!

If you ignore yourself and this concretized energy that needs clearing then you are putting yourself at serious risk.  The breath may need some slow recovery methods if you find the lungs are far too challenged.  Start with a small breath and let it built.  KNOW that you can connect with the curative energies of the Universal Source and prana.  The energy of the sun is particularly good if you can get to enjoy that.  If not, then you can use your MIND and imagine many wonderful alignments.

The changeover from this challenge you are having is to take LIFE ENERGY IN !

Guided Meditation:


Healing Stone:  Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Clear quartz Crystal, Aquamarine