Healing for Self Worth – Part One of a series
Energy Centre Focus:  Solar Plexus, Heart Centre

Endocrine Glands affected:  Liver and Pancreas and Thymus

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:   “What’s wrong with me?”  Nobody cares…is often the false words and thoughts that pass through us when we are feeling very low about ourselves.  Do you wonder why you are not “seen” or others get the job, the attention and you don’t?  It may seem that the world feels very unfair and it is only those that have the looks or talents that are going to be happy and successful.  Do you really think that is true?  Let’s explore that and see if there is any truth to it.  For oftentimes those you think are so successful and happy are often the ones who have the least amount of self confidence, peace inside and self esteem.  Perhaps it is best that we explore this very deeply so that this type of healing series can be used by people throughout every walk of life.

In order to assess whether there is any truth to your thoughts you had best begin to ask yourself just how much “care” you give to yourself.  This is very important because if you are not caring for yourself then you are reflecting thoughts right into yourself that has absolutely nothing to do with any person, place, thing or experience “out there”.  You must first start with realizing that you are a unique emanation from something much bigger than you can imagine.  Remember this…you are from Universal Divine Source and “It” surely knows what it is doing by bringing forth YOU!  Having YOU birth into this world.  There is a reason for this and you are going to find out why.  Start with the basics in this Part 1 of the series and we will build from there.  First question will be “Why were you born?”  Now this is going to take some reflection and some defining of yourself !  Be prepared to treat yourself extra special through the series of healing!

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  The first part of the healing series is for you to learn to breathe from Universal Divine Source and to understand the very special connection between yourself as the ego personality and this Source.  For when you breathe with Source you are connecting with the Intelligence of that which brought you forth to this world!  The more you connect with the breath the more “magnetic” and “radiant” you will become.  With radiance the shadows of illusion fade and the glimmers of hope and guidance turn to stronger and stronger directives of clarity…but one step at a time!  Dispelling the illusion and the false beliefs will come as you realize that you are special..that you bring a gift to this world….and you may not as of yet even understood that to be true.  You are “Worthy”….worthy to be loved, to grow in strength and be successful!

Guided Meditation: Healing and Guided Meditation for Self Worth Part ONE of a series

Healing Stone: Amber, Yellow Jasper, Sapphire, Malachite