Energy Centre Focus: Throat (5th), back of the heart centre (4th)

Endocrine Glands affected: thyroid, thymus

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:
The weight of the world? your family? friends and profession too? You are not breathing properly and the additional stress, built up from your burdens, is gathering and hardening right there in your shoulders. The pathways that are supposed to move freely between the back of the heart and the back of the neck are blocked; right in between the shoulder blades.

The neck is stiff and we see that your muscles are tight and sore across the shoulders running all the way across. Even with energy massage RMT work you would find it difficult to completely resolve this problem unless you get to the underlying issues. One thing is certain, you are to realize that you “can’t do it all” and that you should be permitting others to take their own weight. If you do it “all” because you are so nice, then naturally others will let you. You will often tell them, “It’s okay…I can do it myself” when in fact you need to permit others to help you and to receive the generosity offered by others.

When you take on the full load of other peoples problems, you are carrying far too much weight and you will crash if you keep this up. Delegate and learn to say, “Yes..thank you I accept your help” with earnest.

The tightness across your shoulders will close off the power to the front of your throat as well, so be careful or you will end up with sore throats, shallow breathing and a tendency to go quiet and take on the emotion of others. This type of living often creeps up on you and gets worse only to find that as you get older, the tightness in your shoulders can turn to “frozen shoulder” or arthritis.

You have to remember that you are very important too! It is important that you see your own Inner Beauty and proper place. You contribute for the greater Good of the All and must recognize this. It is important that you don’t always try to just please others, in that, you see the need for an ebb and flow. Self acceptance and self love will go a long way to your improvement of shoulder aches and pains.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:
Take an assessment of yourself including what you do each week for others and what you do for yourself. Note the imbalance? Definitely not an equal ebb and flow. Be sure to schedule time for yourself and also to be observant of when you do and do not accept help; even from strangers. There are people in the service industry that have a job description which includes helping you. If you don’t let them do that, then you are not letting them do the job they wish to do.

Also….be aware that you don’t need to apologize to everyone all the time for “supposedly “ being in their way. Do you think that maybe you are being tested as well by the Cosmic to see if you understand that everyone has a place? Even you!

Take up the deep breathing practice and very gently start to have energy work done on your arms and shoulders. Best to go with Osteopathy or Shiatsu/Energy/Body work that actually feels relaxing to you where you don’t need to “think” but instead allows you to receive.

Learn to say “no”. Set boundaries and be sure to take the time to define just what it is that you want and don’t want in your life. Be clear with that.

Take the load off. When you are done your work for the day be sure to schedule in some down time and some leisure time spent for your own bath, meditation, reading or just putting your feet up. Maybe you wish to go to a gentle flow yoga class at night or on a weekend? Take turns with others for evening chores and the demands of everyday life. In good weather you could go for a bike ride, do some gardening, puttering or relaxing with your friends.

If you don’t change your ways your shoulders cannot loosen up so that you can swing your arms up in the air and smile with joy! Be liberated in your energy field. Be flexible and yet be strong!

Practice the requirements for 5th Chakra development and you will be pleased with the results!

Guided Meditation: 5th Chakra Meditation

Healing Stone:
Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Agate, Hematite