Energy Centre Focus:  6th Centre – located between your eyebrows

Endocrine Gland effected:  Pituitary Gland

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: 

You have struggled to create new visions of Self as the old emotions have been in the way.  Primarily the underlying emotion here is disappointment, sadness, and sorrow from old suffering.  You have been challenged with creating and manifesting your dreams and goals. Now is YOUR time to start to open up to your capabilities in visualizing and creating a life that will be rewarding for you!

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  The energy needs to shift through the Inner Eye lens of the chakra permitting an ease of flow between that which you visualize at the front of your inner eye chakra at the 6th and the ability to MANIFEST your dreams with an open 6th chakra at the back of your head in the occipital region.

First you would wish to breathe to the best of your ability, in and out through the 6th chakra.  Close your eyes and visualize the Light of the Sun.  The Sun is often represented by the male power and the Rays of the Sun can be felt in your imagination as being very healing.  Breathe deeply through your nose thinking about these solar rays coming into your inner eye on the in-breath.  You can even say the word “Light” in your mind as you breathe in.  Feel the energy going into your 6th chakra centre on the in breath as if the Chakra itself could breathe!

Breathe out on “Love” which will feel softer across you face and help you to connect with feminine energy of the Mother Earth.  As you breathe out through your nose and imagine the flow of energy moving out through your 6th chakra lens, say the word “love” in your mind.  So you are “in breath” on LIGHT and “out breath” on LOVE.  Through this process you will experience increases in depth of the energy moving inside the funnel of this chakra tapping right back to the back of your head and fully forward projecting out. Do this about 3 or 4 times and then take a deep breath and breathe down…breathing down as if you are just completely relaxing the entire body..letting the shoulders relax as well. You are striving to become more and more comfortable with your connection of Love to Universal Source. The love connection in this will help you to feel the support of Source with you as you breath in harmony with it.

Even when difficult sinus breathing you can start this.  Now if you find it too difficult to breathe then certainly you can breathe through your mouth but keep the same focus and intent on the Inner eye – 6th Chakra.

The results are actually a clearing of the old emotional energy that has built up and a renewed confidence growing within you that you CAN create your world with joy and inner power.

Guided Meditation:


Healing Stone: Sodalite and amethyst are both good for this development and healing.