Energy Centre Focus: 1st (Tailbone Centre) and 7th (Centre of Brain)

Endocrine Glands affected: 
Adrenals, Pineal (rhythm and biological clock/sleep and awake)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:  Insomnia is a state of restlessness where your Soul incarnate into the ego personalilty is a bumpy ride in the transition from day to night.  One needs to feel “belonging” here on Earth and for a variety of reasons you are feeling uncomfortable fitting into the life here on earth where you should fact..feeling quite comfortable in your own skin; your own self.  Your life here on earth is an extension of the Soul which is filled with love and anticipation of experiencing a variety of daily choices and opportunities while incarnate.  That which your Soul has chosen is perfect for you!  One does not need to feel the pressures of being here on earth and comparing yourself to the others incarnate in here…rather one should be embracing their own unique reason for being here; for enjoying the life that Mother Earth offers.

There are so many expressions of Souls here on Earth and you are to find your own voice..your own skills and talents which can develop into wonderful possibilities.  Each moment is sacred and precious.  Whether your choose to explore the physical world of Nature itself or dream the dreams of an inventor, teacher or artist..there is no wrong answer!  Finding the best in yourself may take time but you can be rest assured that the Universal Divine has a reason for placing you here.  Settle down into reflecting on that during the day and then retire at night to rest with the Light of your Soul where further guidance can be obtained during your dream state.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:  Breathing quietly is important at bedtime as you lay in your bed comfortably without restriction of movement.  The room should be properly ventilated and your temperature should be what is best for you.  The day is done and even though it is helpful to review your day at night..this should not be left to the final moments at sleep time, but instead reflected on earlier in the evening.  When you prepare for sleep time you have to understand that the day is over…period.  Your Soul calls you back into the Higher Worlds; subtle worlds of vibration for healing, guidance and counsel while your physical body has it’s own intelligence that heals itself; purifies itself and resets itself during the night.  Your consciousness is best to be lifted up into an alignment with the Soul and away from the pulling state of the lower worlds where emotions can rule.  

Be sure to let the Deep Sleep meditation into your heart and Mind…letting your body feel the greatest benefits for healing and a deep, peaceful sleep!

Guided Meditation: Deep Sleep

Healing Stone:  Amethyst, Add Sodalite or Fluorite for mental clearing, Add Kunzite, Smoky Quartz, Charoite, Black Tourmaline for fear base insomnia.