Energy Centre Focus:   Spleen as a Minor Centre centre of its own

Endocrine Glands effected:   Pancreas, Thymus  Organs:  Liver

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:   The spleen is a major part of your lymphatic system and immune function.  It acts as a blood filter performing the role of ensuring the old red blood cells are transformed and that your fighter cells (white cells) are ready and able to go out and fight infection in your body.  This is a chakra centre (minor) that draws in the prana and vital life force from the sun and keeps a wonderful revitalization circulating daily.

Its emotional and mental assignment is to keep you clear in processing life’s experiences daily and helping you to not get pulled into the distractions and attachments of the material world.  The material world and its  astral counterpart is filled with many distractions and demands for our attention that attack us psychologically and psychically; even mentally on television, movies, billboards and gossip throughout the community and continuous involvement with the dramas of the human race.  You do not wish to become infected by these experiences otherwise you end up with bad dreams and a dirtied astral body yourself.  The spleen processes these things for you and helps you to steer clear of them.

When you allow yourself to get overly obsessed or drawn into the theatre and drama of life on many levels, you make yourself sick by having too many pathogens entering your energy field and your body.  The immune system will work hard to remove pathogens from the physical body but you also need to purify your lower mind and emotions from the daily exercise of living.

Counsel and Steps to Healing:   Clearing the spleen means welcoming  plenty of fresh air and sunshine with deep breathing processes. The spleen chakra centre and its physical organ named after it, requires a continuous flow of higher thoughts, emotion and prana/chi through breathing.  Make it a daily choice of going outside each day as weather permits and enjoy nature!  Let the vitality of the sun come into your body through the breath and feel the earth under your feet when you walk.  Enjoy this.

The prana you breathe will naturally cleanse your spleen chakra and your physical spleen.  Use what vitamin and mineral supplements you need to boost your immune system, if necessary, and eat plenty of immune building foods.  You need to know that you are not a physical body alone and one who keeps their eyes focused only on the ground.  Sometimes you need to look up and lift up to the subtle finer thoughts and reflections of life!  The spleen will respond very well when you get out of the rut and stagnation of the continuous wheel of karma and the repetitive old programming that you are living.  Choose life and new experiences that are of a refined nature.

Read positive spiritual material or stories before bed and remember that you can explore the methods of meditation to a higher level of consciousness as well before you sleep!  Choose the many practices where your thoughts, feeling and physical body gets an opportunity to “shake out” the old stagnant energy and breathe in the new.  Outdoor activities, indoor sports, swimming, hobbies that inspire you…..any or all can be included in your day.

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stone:  Red Obsidian, Bloodstone, Amber, Aquamarine