Energy Centre Focus: 5th Centre – Throat and 2nd Centre – including reproductive/lumbar region

Endocrine Glands affected: Thyroid and ovaries (female) and testes/gonads (male)

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs:
Your aura reveals it’s mystery in that you have been ruled by your emotions all your life and yet you are a very intelligent human being! The emotional body is under-developed and it is just the situation you have brought into this world. Be Blessed knowing that your Intelligence is strong and that it is your Intelligence that will help you to clear up the issues you face!

You were challenged by being able to master/control your emotions so you found that you needed to express yourself liberally with tantrums/noise as a child..but perhaps you were not able to do that in some cases in a family, so this energy just became suppressed. If you WERE permitted to call out and shout out..then you would be getting the attention you needed but that is not really what you were seeking. You needed teachings and training in how to be masterful of these emotions and to appreciate that they are wonderful to have at the appropriate time. The emotional body is full of ENERGY and just needs a guiding hand on expressing all that power. Harnessing the power and disciplining and governing it will prove to be most beneficial for your thyroid and for developing your throat chakra!

If your emotions have been suppressed and you reverted to satisfying yourself through food and drink, then you will need to acknowledge that these emotions are suppressed and start to bring out the mysteries contained within you. If you are one that is still finding yourself more often out of control with emotions, then you will find it necessary to start with a deep breathing program to restore order.

Either way it is the emotional body that is seeking attention for nurturing and a secure environment to express itself.

That type of energy is most fruitful in expressing through creative projects, speaking and communication. It is wise to explore just what it has within it.

The thyroid is affected because it is associated with the throat centre of expression. The sacral is affected because it is the chakra centre that anchors the emotional body and keeps it strongly and firmly anchored. When anchored well, this energy can rise up through the chakras and be expressed through authentic voice and clear expression of feelings.

The thyroid is a gland associated with the governing and directing power of the throat chakra and this is your centre of VOICE. It is also a centre that masters the physical body and it’s metabolism. If left unattended the power is loose and out of order. When strengthened you feel inspired and no longer ashamed or humiliated by the emotional body’s power of control. You will feel very good with proper practice and development!

Counsel and Steps to Healing: Breathing and diaphragm controlled breath work is indicated. This will jump start your meditation practice and help you to restore order to your energy bodies.

Once you have the practice of the breath underway you can use it for focused mediation and chakra work. Colour visualization of the chakras and breathing will help to strengthen your throat centre. Use the Blue energy healing for the thyroid and throat chakra centre development.

Know that you are a very loving, sensitive, intelligent human being who has brought in their own particular challenge to this life. We all have a weakness or core issue that we have brought into our lives to heal…this one just happens to be yours. Be at peace with that and instead of being upset about your weakness that stifles your ability to express yourself without feeling emotional, start to strengthen your throat and see your gifts!

The energy you have inside of you is a sacred channel of Light and powerfully full of Intelligence. You are worthy to be heard and to share your thoughts and feelings. Let’s hear you! Sometimes journalling is very helpful to start out exploring your feelings and what you may be carrying inside of you.

As you keep on developing your chakras and helping your sacral to throat path, you will then start to ask the question more and more, “What is my purpose?” ! Now you are really ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work on your Spiritual Path!

Read the Life 101 manual download and you will get a wonderful outline on how to move forward and what you can expect.

Guided Meditation: 5th Chakra meditation

Healing Stones: Royal Blue Sapphire, Lapis, Citrine and Turquoise