Energy Centre Focus:  2nd Centre – below the navel

Endocrine Glands effected: 
 Ovaries and associated reproductive system

Underlying Emotions and False Beliefs: 

Internal peace is required and a move towards a total acceptance of yourself.  You seem to be carrying the “weight of helping others” on your back.  You are helping your friends and family, listening to friends, clients, students but you are having difficulty expressing yourself and being who you really want to be.  Your desire to have a partner that is strong and who will look after things may not be playing out as planned. You may also be struggling to balance both your independence and the desire to be in a solid relationship.  You just can’t seem to relax so you are often in pursuit of the dream and hope of finding that one special day when you can say that you are satisfied with your life.

Emotional energy builds up in the sacral and is often pushed down and compacted.  You just don’t seem to have the time for self nurturing and care as you are too busy.  You end up being ignored as you just have too much to do for others.  This unhealthy state can wind up accelerating quite fast, thus the pain increases too.

Counsel and Steps to Healing: 

Let’s reflect on a few things….do you SPEAK up and express yourself in relationships openly and with transparency?  That is the first point that must be assessed.  Your emotions are getting bogged down in your sacral chakra and reproductive system so it is important to get a good assessment of this.

Share with your partner, your friends, your family and be sure to choose those that you sense or know will best understand you.  If you have been settling for 2nd best for yourself or you have not been totally truthful with yourself it needs to blow open now and be stated.

Use the energy healing for the sacral and lumbar with time spent specifically for YOU!  Pampering yourself with a spa, a long bath with candles and music, meditation and the right attitude is great!  No guilt; no shame..just a pure intention of having time for yourself.  Check your diet….as this is an area that can be of concern if you are not including some rich Omega energies for reproductive support.

Review your calendar.  How many hours per week are for you and your personal, holistic and spiritual exercises and practices?  This is important because if you DO fix a specific time for yourself each day you will learn to protect that time and not give it away.  Remember:  You are important!

Guided Meditation:

Healing Stone:  Carnelian, citrine,  aqua marine gemstones, turquoise