Certified Reflexology Practitioner – Training

The modern day practice of Reflexology has stayed true to the Basic Principles of Zone Therapy, Body Meridian Therapy and foot massage. It has been the belief since Ancient times of both China and Egypt that there is a connection between the Universal Life force – your electro-magnetic field – and improved health to the body via points and areas on the feet. In fact, stimulation of these point has been found to be both therapeutic in nature and emotionally uplifting!

This 4 Day in-class training for Certification is:
  • To understand the Basic Principles of Reflexology
  • To Learn the Map of the Foot, Basic Anatomy & Energy Centre Functions
  • To learn how to stimulate the areas of reflex on the foot
  • To achieve the highest possible standards of Practicing Reflexology for Professional or Personal use.
What You Will Learn:
The History of Reflexology & Reflexology Today…The Philosophies & Principles Behind Reflexology… Benefits of Reflexology … Zones of the Body … Standards of Practice, Health Records, Foot Check up & Conditions, Referral Areas … Anatomy/Physiology … The Reflexology Treatment … Hands on Practice & Treatment … Reflexology & The Chakras … Hand Reflexology
Facilitated by:
Susan Peltier, Certified Reflexologist and Trainer
Susan Peltier is a professionally Certified Reflexologist and Registered Etheric Health Practitioner. As an Intuitive guide, Reiki Master, Counsellor and Teacher, she enjoys both private and group settings where she offers deepened insight and conveys both practical and spiritual guidance to her clients and students. Her studies with Kathy Roseborough at the World Healing Academy continue to help her expand in the fields of Energy Medicine. Her personal days includes spending quality time with her family which includes their horses, donkeys and family pets at home surrounded by nature in Stayner, Ontario.
To reach her about future courses and dates please email at [email protected] or through the World Healing Academy.

Dates:  TBA


Location:  Online Via ZOOM

Time:  9:30 am. to 4:30 pm. all days

Written and Practical Exam

Cost:  $1595 includes Printed Manual, Charts, Exam costs (both written and practical)

Deposit of $200 to hold your space – Limited class numbers

Payments by etransfer or PayPal – [email protected]


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