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Kathy Roseborough

Visionary, Intuitive Teacher, Healer, Author of Etheric Healing manuals and Educator of Esoteric Principles with over 25 years experience in the holistic field. Development as a World Healer and student of the Greater Mysteries has been a golden thread in her life since childhood. Now as an innovative leader, researcher and evolving visionary who’s expertise in mystical and spiritual path work continues, Kathy’s greatest passion is in helping the global consciousness shift to a moral and ethical level of consciousness where each human being can thrive through love and good values and environmentally responsible practices. We all need to think about the conservation and preservation of our planet and by healing yourself, you are healing the world.
Kathy is a major contributing author of the HaKeerah Library – the World’s Largest and Only online energy research healing library helping you to find solutions to your health issues by exploring and enlightening you in the underlying emotions, false beliefs, origin and suggested healing practices.

25 years of experience

Major contributing author

Dani Kraftchuck

I am so grateful to all the teachers in my life who have supported and inspired me. Not only do I love to teach but I also love to learn. My journey as a student includes; A Graduate Diploma in Teaching, 200 hour Therapeutic Yoga Training, 200 hour Yoga Training, 20 hour Prenatal training, Level One Calligraphy Yoga, The Little Flower Yoga Training for Children, Mindful Schools Curriculum Training, Rainbow Kids Yoga Training, Reiki Master Level 3, participation in an 8 week Mindful Self-Compassion Course, 40 hour Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, 40 hour 5 Elements Yoga, 50 hours of Subtle Energetic Work, Kawa Ariki Bodywork Practitioner, 100 hours Biodynamic Yin, 200 hour Meditation, Breathwork levels 1-5. Earth Medicine Level 1+ 2, 40 hours ParaYoga Nidra- Enlightened Sleep, 10 Meditation with Ally Bogard. 


Patricia Dennis

As an instructor of Spiritual and Healing Studies, Patricia brings you a variety of classes in either group or 1 on 1 format including Chakra Studies, Intuitive Healing/CEP, Tree of Life, Akashic Records, Meditation,  Karmic clearing, pendulum dowsing and more.  As a medical intuitive and healer, Patricia works with the body at its vibrational level to locate and resolve vibrations that are out of balance in the physical and subtle bodies, allowing the body to align and heal.  Patricia has studied with Kathy Roseborough since 2010 as well as world reknowned Gurus and Teachers globally thus has a broad and diverse background of Energy Healing, Spiritual Studies and Practices. 

Contact Patricia at [email protected] to book private intuitive/healing sessions, medical intuitive services,  coaching sessions or 1-1 instruction in any of her offerings or visit her website at http://patriciadennis.ca

Shaelah Pirie 

Children’s Meditation Instructor at human2earth and The World Healing Project.

Shaelah Pirie is a Certified Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Instructor and the Founder of Lotus Wisdom for Little Old Souls which offers guided meditation for children. Shaelah passionately believes that children need meditation as much as their caregivers do. Through her meditation videos, tailored to the young viewer, Lotus Wisdom is dedicated to nurturing the inner peace within every child by helping them connect to their breath, remain grounded and find a sense of calm. Each meditation video is rooted in nature, allowing for a deep sense of connection to our earth, in turn, fostering a sense of strength and belonging. For more information please visit her website at:


Michelle Howard

Intuitive Holistic Healing Services

I have been providing services of mediumship, intuitive counsel and Energy healing through my Certified training in both Etheric Healing and Reiki for many years now.

Though my professional skills as an Educator for the last 20 years has given me many years of experience working with children and the community, my true passion is to provide counsel and Energy healing for my clients, comfort for those dealing with grief through my mediumship skills, and insight to those seeking answers on how to navigate their personal struggles in life. Many also seek my gifts of mediumship to connect with other sources of Wisdom.


Kimberley Powley 

Children’s Story Telling & Writer

At an early age, I discovered my greatest joy was spending time in Nature, especially playing by the brook, running through the grasses or listening with my heart to the forest animals. To grow up and have a deepening passion for protecting our planet, it’s Kingdoms and animals was as a natural a goal as can be. My studies continue to be inclined towards spiritual understanding of a human being’s interaction harmoniously with Nature…and a need to see natural Laws upheld across our Globe.

My inherent purpose I believe is to help preserve a child’s imagination, encourage children to explore nature and teach them to sit and “listen to the wind; the trees and the waters”. Story telling and creative writing plus my on-going studies of mindful meditation has brought me to the Team of human2earth.com and to contribute to the membership, a monthly story telling inspired by Nature for children. Best suited for those Ages 4 to 10 years of age. Contact Kimberley: [email protected]

[email protected]

Tammy Frederick

Professional Vocal Coach for Parents & Children

Tammy is a professional Vocal Coach and the Creator of the Simply Sing Vocal Method and Piano for Singers. Her book Simply Sing published in 2012, is a singing guidebook designed to assist singers at all levels easily release their voice.

Over her 18 year career Tammy has had the honour of training thousands of voices; has conducted numerous workshops and harmonising classes; has been a music director and choir master; has produced concerts at many popular Toronto venues; and has had several of her articles published in Canadian Musician magazine. Tammy has studied extensively in singing, dancing, and acting; and is an award-winning actress.

In 2017 she became a Chartered Herbalist and started The Singing Sage, her tea company where she makes custom-made Herbal Teas for Singers(and everyone). Her workshops are interactive, fun, and informative; always leaving participants inspired to sing!



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